Weight stigma refers to the negative behaviour and attitude that are solely directed towards people who are obese or who are overweight. A change in attitude and awareness is important to understand obesity overall and options available for treating the condition (Bariatric Surgery) .

Support, counselling and motivation are very important for patients suffering with obesity.

It is also extremely important for care givers and doctors to analyse the BMI of patients and suggest the diagnosis and modalities in managing patients.

Bariatric Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals is recognised as a centre of excellence Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Our renowned doctor, Dr Raman Goel and his specialised and dedicated team provide the clinical expertise for managing and treating obesity through this super speciality surgery. The team is guided and has immense experience with all surgical protocols for all procedures and Pre & Post-surgical Management.

Our centre of Excellence at Wockhardt Hospital is supported by internationally trained nutritionist, counsellor & bariatric physician. The department conducts Weight loss surgery support groups’ benefits and motivates post-surgery patients. These support groups helps patients achieve better weight loss and deal with the issues related to following bariatric diet, recipes and exercise by sharing experiences and communicating with peers. Our world class infrastructure and cutting edge technology complement our teams’ efforts bringing about overall success of the patient at Wockhardt Hospital.

On this World Obesity Day Wockhardt would like to share with you some life changing stories of those patients who were suffering with obesity and today are living a better quality of life both physically and mentally:

“My life has changed completely. I am a new person thanks to Rd. Raman Goel and Wockhardt Hospital.”

“I weighed 122kgs, I had asthma and used to snore had intense acidity and could hardly walk. I felt all the time tired and could not perform much activity. I made up my mind to undergo bypass surgery and underwent a gastric bypass surgery 3 years back. I carried out some research but felt comfortable with Dr Goel. Before surgery quiet few people started discouraging me instead of changing decisions I preponed the surgery. The journey after surgery had been magical. I have lost over 50 kegs. I don’t suffer from acidity. My energy levels are high. I always wanted to take action. Bariatric surgery has given me wings to achieve my dreams. My life has changed completely. I am a new person thanks to Rd. Ramen Goel and Wockhardt Hospital.”

“It’s a landmark surgery for me. I am starting my life renewed. A new and improved me”

My journey started in 2016 Feb, I did not realise how much weight I was carrying on myself because I felt ok. I was 127 kgs at 47 years of age and BMI was 47. I had a family history of obesity. I started feeling numb and I was going downhill. There was a point when I felt that now a silly straw broke the camel’s back. I don’t remember what it was but my response was enough. I had been toying with the idea of losing weight and had achieved 15-20 kg loss. I was tired of sermons on disciplines and self-control. I was tired of being judged, off being written off, insulted and of being depressed. I was just tired mentally, emotionally and physically with the predicament I was in. I visited Wockhardt Hospital at it changed my life. Dr Raman Goel a very experienced bariatric surgeon along with Dr Madhu Goel , Shefali and Shireen together guided me through this process and took me through this journey. They are my guardian angels. It’s been 5 months now and I have lost 35 kgs. I underwent a sleeve gastrectomy surgery and today I am a much happier person. Bariatric surgery had improved my life immensely. I will continue to write about my experience.

“I am very grateful to Dr Goel and team for giving me a new lease to life”

“I underwent a sleeve surgery in December 2005, I was 192kgs before surgery I could barely walk, and I would get breathless suffered acidity and hypertension.
My current weight is 136kgs, my acidity is better and I can walk longer. I can sleep straight for 6-7 months which was not possible either.
I am very grateful to Dr Goel and team for giving me a new lease to life.

“Bariatric Surgery gave me a new lease to life thanks to Wockhardt hospital; I have gained confidence and a healthier perspective towards life”

“I started gaining weight from the age of 6 years old. As I grew older with my sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits I began to just put on more weight and my bmi decreased. There were times that I tried to lose weight through exercise and diet control, but it was of no avail. My obesity caused other health issues like diabetes and blood pressure. I developed severe depression as I suffered from low self-esteem; this further caused me to over eat. It was a vicious cycle. I decided to opt for bariatric surgery for weight reduction. Rd. Raman Goel, a renowned bariatric surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital and his team investigated me and determined that I was fit candidate for surgery. In Bangladesh such world class facilities and clinical acumen is not available. Dr Goel supported and encouraged me throughout the treatment. I did not feel any pain during the surgery and scars were not even visible. After surgery my blood pressure and diabetes are properly maintained. I am grateful to Dr Goel and the services at Wockhardt Hospital for giving me a new lease to life.”