A 43-year-old gentleman from Kenya complained of dyspnoea (difficulty breathing) due to his overweight condition. He also has a history of sleep apnoea which is a sleep disorder with difficulty in breathing. At this younger age, he also had a history of rejected Kidney transplants 10 years back. He is on hemodialysis for the last 3 years. In past, he also underwent a couple of surgeries for AV fistula in one hand, appendicectomy.

In March 2021, his condition of breathlessness started interfering in his daily routine. It was drastically affecting his work and family life. One of his friends advised him to consult the medical experts in India at Wockhardt Hospitals. The patient’s history was understood online and was advised to visit Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai (One of the best hospitals in Mumbai) with existing medical reports.

The patient was referred to consult an experienced bariatric surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. Dr. Ramen Goel advised series of investigations as well as called for a joint opinion from the Nephrologists as well as chest physicians. With a history of Kidney transplant failure, existing dialysis, and other comorbidities, it was well taken care of at Wockhardt Hospital, being a tertiary care – multispecialty hospital. Upper GI endoscopy was also performed and advised for a suitable bariatric surgery (a weight reduction procedure), known as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

It was a high-risk surgery – one of a rare kind. But the experienced team guided by Dr. Ramen Goel made this happen very smoothly. The patient was continuously monitored post-surgical procedure and was discharged after 3 days in a stable condition. This was a life-changing moment for the patient as it relieved him of the heavy breathlessness. After a week’s follow-up with the doctor, the patient received fitness to fly and he returned home safely with moments to cherish.

Yet again it was a proud moment for the able team of Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. The international patient care team facilitates every patient for their visa invites, airport/hotel pick up and drop by car/ambulance, medical estimates, accommodation, and many more. Life wins at Wockhardt Hospitals, India!

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