An obese 40-year-old patient, from Kenya, was looking to undergo some treatment for his heavy body weight. His current weight was 550 pounds (close to 250kgs). Along with Obesity, the patient also had co-morbidities like hypertension, bronchial Asthma, and surgical history of appendectomy. The patient and his family explored various options like diet improvement and exercise, but they did not yield desired results. One day, a friend of his, suggested consulting a bariatric surgeon for good results.

The decision to travel to India for the treatment:

The patient started discussing the options with various hospitals and doctors when they finally arrived at a decision to consult Wockhardt Hospitals in India. On contacting the international division through WhatsApp and email, the hospital team supported very well throughout the process. To an extent, that hospital’s team shared the patient details with the doctor and provided a suitable treatment plan with a quotation. The patient was given end-to-end assistance from medical visa letter, appointment letter, doctor’s note, appointment, room booking, and hotel accommodation. The patient’s family decided to go ahead with the professionalism depicted by the Wockhardt hospital team.

Treatment at one of the best multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai, India:

The patient arrived at Mumbai airport and the pick-up was already arranged by the hospital. After admission, the patient was seen by the famous bariatric surgeon in Mumbai – Dr. Ramen Goel, one of the senior doctors in Wockhardt Hospitals – Mumbai, India. As the patient had a history of bronchial Asthma, he was referred to be seen by a chest physician – Dr. Kedar Toraskar to get a fitness report for surgery. The biggest benefit one receives from such multi-specialty hospitals is the cross-functional team of doctors present under one roof. After 10 days of treatment under a chest physician, the patient was given approval for further surgical procedures.

Dr. Ramen Goel, a bariatric surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai – India explained the procedure in detail, and all jointly agreed upon undergoing Upper GI-scopy with Laparoscopic Mini Gastric Bypass procedure.

Laparoscopic Mini Gastric bypass is a simpler version of Gastric Bypass surgery to resize the stomach. The hospital stay is lesser and the risks are minimal. There are many bariatric procedure options, however, the doctor decides the best suitable one for the patient.

The patient was discharged after 5th day of the procedure with proper instructions on diet and lifestyle. As per the doctor, bariatric procedures generally help in reducing 30-40 kgs of the existing weight in 3-5 months. These results vary from patient to patient. Here is how other patients have also benefited from such bariatric procedures at Wockhardt –

Contacting hospital for any medical advice:

The whole team of doctors is very approachable at Wockhardt Hospitals in India. An easy way to ask any medical opinion/ second opinion from the various specialty doctors is to contact the international department. This dedicated international team is reachable on call or WhatsApp on +91 91360 91380 or over an email on

Life wins at Wockhardt Hospitals – India