Dr Dipti Patel

Complex Inflammatory Conditions Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Gout Immunological Diseases like Lupus, Scleroderma, Vasculitis, Bechets
M.B.B.S(Mumbai), MRCP (UK), MRCP-Rheumatology (CCT- UK)
11 Years
+91 91360 91380

I have the experience of working as a Consultant Rheumatologist in the UK for the last 2 years. I am confident in treating patients with complex inflammatory conditions and offered holistic approach to Rheumatologist needs of patient. I have expertise in managing common conditions RA,OA, gout and other wide spectrum of immunological diseases like lupus, sclerodrma, vasculitis, bechets. My work has always been acknowledged by colleagues and patients as meeting high standards and expectations. I am determined to make a successful career in field of Rheumatologist in India.

Training in UK (Rheumatology)

I have received extensive training for 5 years in the field of Rheumatology post MRCP in Liverpool. UK. This has involved rotating in various hospitals and gaining experience in managing diverse Rheumatological conditions in both district and leaching hospitals. I have had the opportunity to work closely with specialized centres and experts in the filed for offer joint obstetric, Ophthalmology and adolescent paediatric clinics.

My experience has made me a very competent clinician and I continue to learn to keep myself up to date with latest advances.

7 Aug 2013 – 4 Aug 2014 ST 7 Rheumatology /GIM, Southport hospital

1 Aug 2012 – 6 Aug 2013 ST 6 Rheumatology, Royal Ligverpool hospital

3 Aug 2011 – 31 July 2012 ST 5 Rheumatology / GIM, Warrington hospital

4 Aug 2010 – 2 Aug 2011 ST 4 Rheumatology, Aintree University hospital

5 Aug 2009 – 3 Aug 2010 ST 3 Rheumatology / GIM, Whiston and St Helens hospital

MRCP training in UK ( General Medicine )

Aug 2008 – Aug 2009 ST2 SHO: Renal Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrine, Care of Elderly, Royal Liverpool hospital, Liverpool

Aug 2007- Aug 2008 ST1 SHO: Respiratory/Cardiology/Gastroenterology Southport general hospital

Aug 2006 – Aug 2007 Foundation Year 2 – Cardiology/GP/Neurosurgery Sheffield Teaching hospital

Aug 2005 – Aug 2006 Foundation Year 1 – (Surgery/Medicine) Royal Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool


Nov.2003-Mar.2004 R.M.O.-General Medicine

Guru Nanak hospital,Mumbai,India.

Apr.2003-Oct.2003 R.M.O.-Paediatrics

Asha Hospital,Mumbai,India.

Jan.2002-Jan.2003 Internship – Rotation: Medicine, Surgery,

Obstertrics/Gynaecology, Psychiatry,

Preventive and Social Medicine

B.Y.L. Nair charitable Hospital, India.



Knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, MCP and PIP joint injections
US guided wrist / ankle aspiration and injection
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound of hands and feet
Flexor tendon, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tronchanteric bursa injections
Synovial fluid analysis- Laboratory based training, Aintree hospital


An audit of T spot testing prior to anti TNF treatment D Patel, J Darroch , L Brinkley, N Goodson British Society of Rheumatology Annual congress, Glasgow-2012
A case of spinal gout D Patel, M J Wilby, D Crooks, V Pellegrini, B Eyes, M Anderson British Society of Rheumatology Annual congress, Glasgow-2012.
Case report: Warfarin induced DVT Binymin KA, Patel D , Int med Rep J 2014;7:123-125
COMA or FULL STOP – case series Patel D, Patel U ; European association of Neurosurgery , September 2007

I was a co- investigator in AC-TAPER study phase 4 trail responsible for recruiting consenting and reviewing results.
I have been involved in research as a co- investigator in commercial studies like OSKIRA 1,3 which involved recruiting patients and their follow up with assessment and checking results
I have participated in recruiting patients for observational studies including ACTION and BSRBR


Invited speaker for Northwest Lupus meeting to present management of Lupus, June 2016
Nephrotic syndrome in anti TNF – case presentation – Yorkshire regional meeting, May 2016
Audit Presentation on Management of temporal arteritis in Rotherham hospital, Audit meeting Rotherham hospital, Jan 2015
Audit Presentation Management of GCA, Regional meeting ,southport, March 2014
Case Presentation – Rheumatoid vasculitis, Medical meeting – Southport, Jan 2014
Case Presentation – Wegener’s granulomatosis, Regional meeting, Aintree,2009
Audit on T spot results, Regional Meeting, Aintree,2010
Case Presentation – Spinal gout, Regional meeting – Aintree 2012
Case Presentation – Pyrexia of unknown origin – Aintree 2013
Regional Spr teaching – Myositis update – Aintree,2010
Case Presentation – Churg strauss-Grand round, Whiston Hospital-2009
‘COMA OR FULL STOP’ – Presented at European
Association of Neurosurgery at the International meeting held at Glasgow, Sept 2007 I have presented at various departmental meeting, journal clubs and meetings.


Audit on management of GCA in a District general hospital, Rotherham hospital, June 2015
National audit on management of Rheumatoid arthritis, Rotherham hospital, December 2015
Audit of Management of Temporal arteritis as per BSR/BHPR guidelines, Southport hospital, March 2014- closed loop
Audit of recording DAS 28 scores – Rheumatology department, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, feb2013 – closed the loop and led to service improvement
‘Audit on discharge summaries ‘- GIM, Warrington hospital. Dec 2012
‘Audit on Tocilizumab prescriptions as per NICE guidelines’ – Rheumatology Department, March 2012
‘Audit on new to follow up ratios in clinic’ – Rheumatology Department, Warrington Hospital, Aug 2011
‘Audit on T spot results’- Rheumatology Department, Aintree University Hospital -Aug 2010- presented as poster in BSR 2012
‘Audit on Clinics waiting time’- Rheumatology Department, Whiston and St Helen’s Hospital – Aug 2009
‘Audit on management of ascites’- Gastroenterology Department Southport Hospital-July 2007
‘Audit on guidance of drug monitoring services’-GO practice Sheffield Teaching Hospital – April 2006
‘Case note audit’ – Department of Clinical Pharmacology- Royal Liverpool University Hospital – April 2006
‘Delayed discharges on ward’- Completing audit cycle – Department of Respiratory Medicine- Royal Liverpool University Hospitals – July 2006
‘First afebrile seizure in childhood’-Department of Pediatrics – St James University Hospital, Leeds – May 2004

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