Dr. Meghal Sanghavi




M.B.B.S., D.N.B. Gen. Surgery, Surgical Oncology (Trained at Tata Memorial Hospital)

20 Years
South Mumbai - Mumbai Central

A highly trained Oncosurgeon from Tata Memorial Hospital with a special interest in Breast Oncology promotes Awareness and early cancer detection by organizing & conducting Awareness Lectures on cancer Detection and mammography Camps Regularly.

Work Experience :

Surgical Oncology Training – 3 yrs Senior Residency(Tata Memorial Hospital certified course)

1st Yr Rotations : Head & Neck Services(Dr. A. K.™ Cruz)

Genitourinary & Gynaecology Services(Dr. H.B. Tongaonkar)

Breast Services (Dr. R.A. Badwe)

Thoracic Services(Dr. C.S. Pramesh)

Actrec (included all of the above, G.I. Surgeries, Pediatric Surgeries)

2nd Yr Rotations : Plastic & Reconstructive Services(Dr. Prabha Yadav)

Pediatric Surgery – Solid Tumours(Dr. Sajid Quereshi)

Head & Neck Services (Dr. Prathamesh Pai)

3rd Yr Rotations : Genitourinary services(Dr. H.B. Tongaonkar)

Breast Services(Dr. R.A. Badwe)

Gastrointestinal Services(Dr. Shailesh Shrikhande)

An additional two months Research Fellowship in Breast Cancer Services done at Tata Memorial Hospital

Post D.N.B. Experience – 1yr Senior Registrar Experience Rajawadi Hospital(BMC Post)

Individual management of Emergency Surgeries & Elective threats

Included Teaching Junior Registrars, Interns, and M.B.B.S. Students & assisting them in surgeries

D.N.B. Gen Surgery – Six Posts Rajawadi Hospital Ghatkopar & Trauma Centre

3 years of residency in the Unit II Gen Surgery

Dr. R.D Hondarkar as unit head (Rajawadi)

Dr. K.R. Vagholkar Professor Gen. Surgery(Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College)

Dr. Shalini Nair – Lecturer(Associate Professor – Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College)

Dr. Mahesh B. Doshi(Honorary Surgeon Unit II)

Clinical training included conducting OPD’s Ward rounds & ward management, Emergency Surgeries, Casualty rotations, Elective Surgeries, Experience in handling mass emergencies, Burns Management, Trauma Management, and Conducting Minor OT procedures.

Academic Training included presenting cases every week, Seminars monthly, Journal Clubs, Thesis Completion

Accreditation Examination in 2nd & 3rd yr of residency program – conducted by

P.G. Guide – Dr. K.R. Vagholkar(internal examiner)

Dr. Samsi(internal examiner – Unit III)

Dr. V.M.Deshmukh(external examiner)

Thesis Topic: Abdominal Tuberculosis Surgical Management & Complications

Teaching Experience: assisting in conducting ward exams & yearly M.B.B.S exams for M.B.B.S Students in 1st year of Residency

Took regular clinics & assisted housemen, Interns & M.B.B.S Students in Elective &  Emergency Surgeries in 2nd & the 3rd yr of residency.

Clinical Assistant – Gen. Surgery(Hinduja Hospital, Mahim) Dr. Vinod Chandiramani

Junior resident – Holy Family with rotation in Gen. Surgery, Gen. Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Casualties & Emergencies(Trauma Centre), Preventive & Community Medicine(Primary Health Care center visits), Pediatrics, Orthopedics

M.B.B.S., D.N.B. Gen. Surgery, Surgical Oncology (Trained at Tata Memorial Hospital)

20 Years

Research / Publications


  • Case Report Cystic Hygroma(Bombay Hospital Journal)

Seminars Presented

  • Surgical Anatomy of the Breast 23rd Sept 2006
  • Carcinoma Breast Management 23rd July 2006
  • Being Breast Disease 1st Nov 2007
  • Grave’s Disease 8th Oct 2006
  • Incisional Hernia 26th March 2008
  • Pathology of Carcinoma Breast 23rd Sept 2006
  • Surgical Anatomy of Anterior Abdominal Wall 16th Sept 2006
  • Thyroiditis 7th Oct 2006