In these challenging times when hospitals are focused in treating covid cases, other specialties are geared up in saving lives of patients with other medical illnesses at all costs. Against all odds ,with safety precautions and amidst a pandemic the medical fraternity using their clinical acumen and efficient team work are treating all types of medical and surgical cases. We would like to share some successful cases to highlight our care and services for the people.

A 30 year old patient was diagnosed with acute aortic dissection. He developed chest pain and became unconscious . During the lockdown it was difficult to get medical treatment from any hospital. So patient was referred by a doctor from Boisar to Wockhardt Hospital for further management.

The patient was in a very critical condition when he arrived. He was promptly attended to by the emergency staff and was immediately shifted on ventilator  under all safety precautions in such unforeseen circumstances.

It was very difficult to arrange all the disposables and expertise to save this patients life but the hospital ensured that all the necessary requirements were allocated for managing the patient. Under the expertise of Dr. Upendra Bhalerao Consultant Cardiovascular, Thoracic Surgeon and Dr. Chetan Bhambure, Consultant Cardiologist a life saving procedure was carried out.

The patient underwent A COMPLEX supra major aortic surgery and a large part of his torn aorta and  aortic valve was replaced. The surgery was successful and got a second chance to live a quality life.

Acute aortic dissection has a mortality rate of 60 -70 % at the best centres  the world. At Wockhardt  Hospital,Mira road the  patient  life was saved due to excellent team work by Cardiac surgeon, Cardiologist, Anaesthetist & Intensivist.

Dr Bhalerao emphasizes “during pandemic the emergency cardiac situations will always remain a challenge. Emergency  surgeries needs to be done whatever is the effect of pandemic on the population & healthcare percusses.  Saving life is more important than considering the infectious status of these patients.”

We appreciate and recognize the efforts of medical team  for all the efforts for treating all our patients at the frontier. They are truly are our superheroes  in such critical times.