At Wockhardt hospital we have comprehensive Cardiac care program is an amalgamation of eminent cardiologists, finest technology and evidence based practices in Non-invasive Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Electro Physiology and CTVS procedures. Our expertise in cardiac care help us in caring for patients with heart disease by providing complete all-round care. From diagnosis, prevention, treatment, surgical care to cardiac rehabilitation and wellness services, we look after your heart completely.

Cardiology is a medical specialty dealing with disorders of the heart. The field includes medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and electrophysiology .

  • In most cases of heart diseases, the aim is to find a combination of treatments involving lifestyle changes, medicines, devices, or surgery that will help the heart pump properly.
  • Treatment will usually be evaluated to work together to find a balance of effective treatments that you can manage in the long-term so you have the best quality of life possible.

•             Our Cardiac speciality offers a range of specialized cardiac treatments using the latest diagnostics, treatments and surgical techniques recognized for providing high quality clinical expertise, rapid assessment and customized care.

•             Our team of expert Cardiologists, Cardiac Surgeons and Vascular Surgeons believe in carrying out an in-depth investigation of patient condition, taking into account patient’s complete medical history, therefore strategizing a tailored treatment and recovery plan customized for each individual’s life.

•             Our ultra-modern Cardiac related medical facilities, handled by renowned Cardiologists, Cardiothoracic Surgeons and Anaesthetists offer heart care services across the spectrum of adult and congenital heart care, electrophysiology, non-coronary and peripheral vascular diseases, and device therapies.

•             Our 24 X 7 Emergency Services of the Hospitals equipped with life-saving back-up medical facilities such as cardiac ambulance, life saving devices and a proficient Emergency team of Trained Doctors and Nurses.

•             Our Intensive Coronary Care Units (ICCUs) are managed and monitored round-the-clock by critical care specialists and intensivists, supported by highly trained paramedical and nursing teams.

Our cardiology consultant and departments are reputed and fully equipped for carrying out cardiovascular treatments:

Our Interventional Cardiologist Department and Surgeons cardiologist expertise is a branch of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter based treatment of structural heart diseases. Interventions can be useful in dealing with diseases such as Coronary artery disease, Heart valve disease congenital heart, arrhythmias and   Peripheral vascular disease. The purpose of catheter-based tests and procedures such as angiograms and angioplasty is to diagnose, locate, and/or treat your condition in a way that avoids the need for a more invasive or open surgery. Procedures carried out most frequently are :


In a coronary angiogram, dye is released from the catheter tip into one or more of the blood vessels supplying the heart muscle. On the x-ray video screen, the dye in the blood shows any narrow or blocked sections of the coronary artery. This test is sometimes called angiography.

If blockages or narrowing are seen on an angiogram or ultrasound, the cardiologist may put a tiny balloon at the catheter tip and position it at the spot of the blockage. The balloon is then gently inflated, pushing open the blockage and restoring blood flow, which can help to decrease angina (chest pain) and the risk of a heart attack. In some cases after angioplasty, the cardiologist will use the catheter to insert a small wire mesh tube inside the narrowed vessel. This is called a stenting

The Non-Interventional  Cardiology department performs diagnostic testing for patients with suspected cardiac problems. There are a variety of different tests to test cardiac physiology and evaluates the condition of your heart and diagnose any problems. None of them involve incisions to your body.

Cardio Thoracic Department and  Surgeons who are performing a wide variety of Procedures which include bypass surgery, complicated coronary artery bypass Surgery, Beating Heart surgery, Cardiac Care, Emergency Cardiac Surgery and Surgeries for all types of valvular heart disease, aneurysm repairs, Surgeries for HOCM and congenital / child heart surgery, Aortic surgery, Thoracic Surgery, with success rates comparable to international standards

Wockhardt Hospitals follow process driven quality systems that adhere to international standards of clinical care, safe environment, infection control and respect for patient rights & privacy. Many of the Wockhardt group of hospitals has accreditation of the NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals &Healthcare), the highest and the most stringent quality standards institution in India and the National authority in healthcare accreditation. To achieve high degree of clinical excellence, we have entered into strategic alliances with Partners Medical International, USA, whereby Wockhardt Hospitals has access to Harvard’s expertise and experience in the fields of surgery and other Medicare services. Wockhardt group of hospitals in India is a preferred destination for patients from Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East and South Asia.