Myocardial Infarct (MI) or heart attack causes three major types of mechanical complications that mostly result in death of the patient, if not corrected in time surgically.

One of the most major complications and increase in mortality occurs in ventricular septal rupture cases. A few years back, the mortality rate with surgical intervention to repair this was as high has 70-80% but it has now decreased to 50% or less thanks to double patch repair technique or Myocardial Infarct Exclusion Technique.In fact, even in countries like USA, death with VSR repair is 50%. Most doctors there don’t even take such patients for surgery.

Wockhardt Hospital, Nagpur has kept pace with the developments in cardiac surgery and ICU facilities. Dr Saurabh Varshney, a young cardiac surgeon of city, has done five cases of VSR repair (all above 60 years of age) in different hospitals using the new technique of double patch repair technique in the last one year. Four of his patients have survived major heart attacks and are on regular follow up.

This technique (of Japanese origin) involves recreating the wall that separates the right and left ventricle using an artificial material called Dacron. The main skill of surgeon lies in suturing the wall with heart muscles. Due to Myocardial Infarct, these muscles tear and are difficult to suture. In earlier practices only one Dacron patch was used. With, the new technique of using two patches on the walls between the two chambers in the heart, the survival rate of the patient has increased drastically.

Dr K Jayaprasanna, cardiac surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital, also said in as an emergency surgery this technique had only 50% survival rate. It worked better in haemodynamically stable patients and patients without any associated complications. “There are three types of ruptures— the mid-muscular rupture, the apical rupture and the inferior valve rupture. Results are best in apical rupture while chances of survival are 50% in mid-muscular rupture and minimum in inferior valve rupture as the right ventricle is badly deranged in this condition. Suturing is very difficult in VSR. The sutures break up very fast. It requires extremely skilled hand to do this surgery,” he said.

It is important to understand the condition of the patient as well as the renal status of the patient to undergo this procedure.

Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur Cardiac Services:

The Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur is a premium cardiac centre providing state-of-the-art cardiac care to heart patients to lead longer, healthier lives keeping in with brand….Life Wins. The hospital is a 50 bedded fully equipped heart care centre with 10 bedded ICU and 8 CICU to treat and manage critical cardiac patients on emergency basis or post operatively and 3 tier patient management protocols.

It has a Hi tech fully emergency medically equipped and ambulance services. At Nagpur we have created a the niche paradigm of specialised procedures in Interventional Cardiology ,Non-invasive cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery & Cardiovascular Surgery and Paediatric surgeries to name a few. Being a premium cardiac hospital it is fully integrated to perform cardiac surgery and catheterisation procedures.

The centre is proud of its successful cases in cardiovascular surgeries namely angioplasty and angiography, valvular replacement procedures, pacemaker implants and open heart surgery and paediatric surgeries.