A fifty-five-year-old technical school teacher from Botswana was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai – India with a history of shortness of breath and light headedness for three to four months.

Patient selects Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai – India:

At the hospital under the cardiac expertise of Dr Chetan Bhambure (Cardiologist) and Dr. Upendra Bhalerao (Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon), he was evaluated through intensive investigations and a 2d Echo. He was diagnosed with an aneurysm of the ascending aorta (major blood vessel) of the heart with a  leak in the aortic valve, a condition called aortic regurgitation.

Complex case managed by bio-bentall procedure – An open heart surgery:

Patient was explained the complexity of his case and nature of the aneurysm. Dr Bhambure suggested for him to have a major open-heart operation called Bentall’s operation under Dr. Upendra Bhalerao. In this operation the aortic  valve is replaced, ascending aorta and aortic root. The bio Bentall procedure is a highly complex one, whereby tissue replacement of major vessels comprising of the left coronary artery vessels, ascending part of the aorta, aortic route  and aorta valve was performed to  improve the circulatory system and functioning capacity of the heart. The patient underwent a successful open-heart surgery by the team of doctors at Wockhardt. He was monitored post-operatively, and his condition stabilized. The patient was discharged and left for Botswana to go back to his teaching profession.

Dedicated Heart Centre:

The Bentall procedure is an extremely intricate surgery requiring specialized team approach and expert care pre and post operatively. Mostly all international patients therefore, search for centers of excellence like Wockhardt hospitals to have such surgeries done. These types of surgery done at right time by right approach can help patients to have a near normal life . At Wockhardt Hospitals, we take pride of a cardiothoracic surgery department that has saved many lives and brought out successful outcome in both  interventional and cardiac surgery. Backed up by skilled internationally trained experienced cardiac surgeons, world class facilities and advanced techniques  under all safety precautions Wockhardt makes life wins for all our patients.

Patient shares about his heart treatment experience:

“From the administration side we were given exceptional service by Jagannath and Heena. They made our stay very pleasant and made things easier for us by doing the running around for us. Their warm reception and passion for their work made even the most difficult procedure that we came for very bearable, we thank them.

From the nursing staff, we would like to thank Sister Lydia, Amrutha and Heritha. Wow, Wockhardt has gold in their hands! These ladies’ kindless, patience and love were exceptional. We hope all your nursing staff could learn from them. Nursing is truly a calling for them and we pray they get recognition for that.

Chef Rushikesh also outfit himself in ensuring that we taste a variety of Indian dishes. We really enjoyed his cooking, thank you so much.

Lastly Dr Upendra Bhalarao. We will forever be indebted to you giving my husband a new lease of life by ensuring his heart is working well. The aortic valve replacement you did was one of the complicated surgeries but your expertise shone throughout. Your patience in explaining and answering our endless questions was remarkable. Your attitude in alleviating any fear we had was priceless, thank you and be blessed.

Thank you Wockhardt Hospitals. ❤ Regards.”