A senior citizen from Africa was admitted, to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India, with complaints of fatigue, backache, weakness, and generalized body pain for the past year. He was a known case, of multiple myeloma and was on treatment since 2020. The patient had a history of being immunocompromised and was a known case of hypertension.

After contacting, the international division through an email, our international hospital team coordinator supported the patient throughout the admission process. To an extent, that hospital’s team shared the patient details with the medical oncologist to review and provide a suitable treatment plan. The patient was given end-to-end assistance from medical visa letter, appointment letter, doctor’s note, appointment, room booking, and hotel accommodation. Apart from the medical treatment being affordable, the patient decided to choose Wockhardt Hospitals for its super specialty advanced medical care and professionalism depicted by the Wockhardt hospital team.

At the hospital, the patient underwent a PET scan which suggested mild to moderate increased metabolic activity in the bone marrow of the left scapular, few ribs, vertebrae, and the left pelvic bone. These were significant changes in the bone density and a treatment regimen would therefore need to be planned accordingly, to avoid further complications and deterioration of the patient. The patient was admitted under the experienced hands of Dr. Boman Dhabhar, the medical oncologist at Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai. The patient had undergone targeted therapy, for multiple myeloma in the past and was now advised by Dr. Dhabhar, to be further put on the required chemotherapy cycles, to stabilize his condition. The patient was discharged, after being fully monitored and was advised for regular follow-ups, to evaluate his condition.

Understanding Multiple Myeloma:

Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer of the Bone Marrow in which myeloma cells multiply abnormally and start to replace the normal plasma cells. This adversely affects the body’s ability to produce antibodies, provide immunity, and weaken the bones. The tumor formed by these malignant plasma cells is called Plasmacytoma and the condition in which many such tumors are developed is known as Multiple Myeloma. The malignant plasma cells may crowd out normal blood-forming cells within the bone marrow, reducing the production of healthy blood cells. Additionally, rather than producing infection-fighting antibodies, the cancer cells begin to produce an abnormal antibody that cannot assist the body to fight against infection weakening the immune system and predisposing the patient to complications.

The condition is associated with bone pain, especially in the middle and/or lower back, rib cage or hips, and even fractures. Fatigue or shortness of breath, confusion, numbness or weakness, leg swelling, appetite changes, and frequent infection are some other signs and symptoms, associated with this condition.

Importance of Super specialty Hospitals to manage blood cancer patients:

The treatment of blood cancer requires a multidisciplinary disciplinary approach with medical oncology, advanced diagnostics,  hematologists, radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, trained nurses, and other relevant health professionals.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, the department of medical oncology supported by the diagnostic and hematology is fully equipped in diagnosing the several types of blood conditions that are looked at include anemia, thalassemia, hemophilia, general blood clots, bleeding disorders, hematological malignancies such as platelet disorders, lymphoma, and leukemia (cancers), multiple myeloma as well.

The department of oncology treats the patient through a multidisciplinary team approach where there is a team of medical and surgical oncologists. The team approach at our units of Wockhardt hospital includes is helpful a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The team also includes supportive staff, nursing staff, pathology, and referrals from other specialties for the accuracy and efficiency of the treatment. We believe that diagnosis and management of a cancer patient do not end with the treatment of cancer, and hence it follows a well-designed patient counseling service and support system and forms part of goals in our oncology department. Our oncology team at Wockhardt Hospital uses innovative technology & the latest pharmaceuticals to provide complete treatment for cancer.

Contacting hospital for any medical advice:

The whole team of doctors is very approachable at Wockhardt Hospitals in India. An easy way to ask any medical opinion/ second opinion from the various specialty doctors is to contact the international department. This dedicated international team is reachable on call or WhatsApp on +91 91360 91380 or over an email on treatment@wockhardthospitals.com

Life wins at Wockhardt Hospitals – India.