In this lockdown time when everyone avoiding going out specially to hospitals. But some diseases really can not wait. Colon cancer is one such disease.

62 years male with DM , presented to emergency department of Wockhradt hospitals with severe abdominal pain and vommiting. On Immediate CT scan it was found to perforated Appendix with mass formation. Knowing this as surgical emergency, Dr Imran Shaikh ( consultant Surgical Gastro and GI Oncosurgery) patient was immediately taken to for laparoscopic surgery. Appendix was removed and all infection were drained. Patient recovered immediately in 3 days and discharged. After 7 days when his appendix Histopathology report came , it showed Mucinous type of cancer. It is extremely rare to have appendix cancer ( less than 1 %) and considering its type and acute presentation it is rarest rare case. There is no way this type of cancers diagnosed before and mostly they see on pathology report. That’s the exact reason we send all organ after surgery for testing so as to diagnose such rare scenarios. This patient has to underwent again bigger surgery which includes removal of Right half of colon and lymph node along with right paracolic peritoneum ( Surgery Name – Radical Right Hemicolectomy with Right paracolic peritonectomy). This time also patient recovered well and discharged after 7 days. This time his pathology reported to be early stage cancer with no residual disease.

This is infact extremely rare case scenario of appendicular cancer presented as infection and managed well as per standard guidelines. It is important in cancer to give adequate and timely treatment so that results are better like our case.