It’s In Your Hands. Take Action. World Arthritis Day, October 12

World Arthritis Day (WAD) is celebrated on October 12th each year and is supported by a year-long campaign. This year’s theme “It’s in your Hands Take Action”.  The theme for the event is basically is to give people who are suffering from this disease an opportunity to live better , be mobile, live better and live life to the fullest.

In India today over 180 million people are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis.

As a symbol of support Wockhardt Hospital took a convincing initiative and organised “Cyclothon” at various units to commemorate this day. It was a very & a very thoughtful way  celebrate World Arthritis Day and brought out Wockhardt Hospital ingenuity & to organise such an apt event!

Here’s a glimpse how Mumbai came together to fight Arthritis and took up Wockhardt Hospital’s ……“Pedal To Move initiative “on the 23rd of October.

It was an overwhelming response with an almost 250 participants at Mira Road, 650 at Nashik and 300 plus at Nagpur.

Bone and Joint at Wockhardt Hospital

The department of Bone and Joint at Wockhardt Hospital provides a continuum of treatment and care with an integrated system of orthopaedic surgeons, supported by cutting edge technology and world class infrastructure. Our goal is to treat patient’s right from everyday aches and strains, sports injuries, trauma management to major joint replacement injuries.  Our department provides a comprehensive state of the art approach to the prevention, assessment and treatment and habitation of the musculoskeletal conditions.

Our Rheumatology services deliver expert diagnosis and world-class treatment to patients affected by rheumatic disorders. Early diagnosis and optimum treatment is important to prevent complications and deformities and also improve quality of life. Access to latest research, technology and techniques allow our specialty trained and reputed Rheumatology consultants, the ability to provide the high-quality care that our patients deserve.

  • Management of Inflammatory Joint disease
  • Management of chronic pain
  • Management of Osteoporosis
  • Management of Complex connective tissue.

Joint Pain revised:

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

An autoimmune disorder when the body’s immune system attacks its own body cells and tissues. In RA, the immune system attacks the tissue lining the joints and breaks it down over time. It is associated with pain, swelling, and often deformities particularly in the hands and knees .Flares are common for people with RA.

Other causes of Joint Pain are:

  • Bursitis
  • Systemic lupus erythramtous which is a painful joints with skin rash
  • Gout a pain condition and swelling of the joint s especially the large toe due to high uric acid levels.
  • Certain infectious diseases, such as mumps, influenza, and hepatitis.
  • Chondromalacia of the patella, or a breakdown of the cartilage in the kneecap.
  • Injury.
  • Inflammation of the tendon

Treatment of Joint Pain:

  • Anti-inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen can be really effective at reducing inflammation as well as pain. Paracetamol can be very effective.
  • Use a hot water bottle to reduce stiffness
  • Avoid being in one position for a long time to improve circulation
  • Reduce weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Take care of your diet
  • Above all rest and reduce stress.

Role of Exercise in Joint Pain:

Exercise helps keeps the joints moving and strengthens the muscles around them.

Some Home remedies for joint pain:

  • Turmeric & Ginger Tea
  • Epsom salt soaks
  • Lubricate With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dandelion Leaves
  • Blackstrap Molasses Drink
  • White Willow Tea

Surgical Treatment for Joint Pain:

In case the joint pain does not reduce with conservative line of treatment Joint replacement surgery is now a common procedure done now days and can be recommended after evaluation of the severity and other related investigations of your joint condition.

Some of these procedures are:

1) Knee Replacement Surgery

2) Hip Replacement Surgery

3) Shoulder Replacement

4) Elbow replacement Surgery

Joint pains is a debilitating condition and can worsen in time , to know and understand  this condition, medical treatment , further management and investigations do  visit us at Wockhardt Hospital.

Wockhardt Hospitals, a chain of tertiary care super-specialty hospitals has more than 25 years of experience in the creation and management of Super Specialty Hospitals in India.

We are a premiere hospital in the country specializing in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. We provide comprehensive orthopaedic care to our patients. The bone and joint program at Wockhardt Hospitals makes it a centre for excellence in orthopaedics with highly skilled clinical expertise. For further information or any orthopaedic related query visit our experts at Wockhardt Hospital.

Wockhardt Hospitals is regarded  as a centre of excellence the healthcare domain,  having facilities in North Mumbai (Mira road), South Mumbai (Mumbai Central), Navi Mumbai (Vashi), Nagpur, Nasik, Rajkot and Surat. Wockhardt Hospitals has state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our prime objective is patient safety and quality of care at all levels. The guiding philosophy is to serve and enrich the Quality of Life of patients and to make life win.