Novo Technique” a method developed by Dr Jayesh Sonje, Wockhardt Hospitals, Nashik, enables to perform successful Knee transplant in just 25 minutes with just a 15 cm incision.

The surgery can be done on elderly patients who are suffering from severe joint pain. Arthritis increase with age and affects weight bearing joint Arthritis cause weakness in the bones .Elderly patient s are affected the post. The benefits of this surgery are seen in the young as well as old.

Prior precautions are taken prior to the surgery. It also gives a sense of comfort other patient as the post-operative management is short and recovery is faster than regular surgery. Post- operative drugs given to the elderly for pain and infection is less causing fewer side effects to kidney and liver.

The technique involves a smaller incision as compared to the conventional surgery therefore reducing blood loss and early healing.

Dr Sonje said “It takes only 30 to 40 minutes for a surgery on one knee. It requires fewer instruments.

Main Benefits of surgery:

  • Shorter duration of surgery lesser surgical equipment and
  • Ensured precise alignment.
  • Surgery is cost-effective
  • Post -operative pain is less
  • Patient can start walking within four hours after the surgery
  • Short stay of patient
  • Reduced blood loss and less chance of infections
  • Physiotherapy days less for rehab of patient