Mrs Trevalia a 6o year old patient from New Zealand was suffering from chronic excruciating pain in her left hip and knee for over ten years. It hampered her daily routine and she was not able to enjoy her hobbies like swimming and cooking too. Even routine activities like bending, putting socks and even walking around was becoming more and more difficult as time went on.

She tried to consult doctors in New Zealand, but did not have any success or guidance. She was then recommended to consult doctors in India by her daughter. They chose Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India,  which  was the start of a  successful journey, that would change her life completely around.

Dr Mudit Khanna, an orthopaedic and trauma surgeon is an experienced and highly reputed bone and joint specialist at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India. Dr Khanna specialises in hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement surgery. On examining the patient he came to conclusion, that she needed both hip and knee joint replacement surgery. Patient had undergone previous hip and knee replacement surgery for the other side. However, the major challenge was that she was overweight and had high BMI. Mrs Trevalia suggested that she would prefer that both surgeries to be done during this visit to India,itself.

Firstly, Dr Khanna planned to carry out a total hip replacement surgery. During the total hip replacement surgery a new ball and socket joint was implanted in the patient to help with better mobility and reduce her pain as well. After the surgery patient was able to sit up and move around with assistance on the same day itself. The surgery was successful and no post complication was encountered.  Mrs Trevalia’s health status was very encouraging to do the total knee replacement surgery as planned.

After 2 days a knee replacement surgery was successfully carried out. This would improve the quality of the patients’ mobility   and patient would be able to extend and bend without enduring pain and discomfort as well.

Patient underwent physiotherapy and rehabilitation at Wockhartd Hospitals. She was able to walk without any support and the surgery would definitely improve the quality of her life in the future. For the patient it has been a life changing and rewarding experience to choose Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India for her surgery. She expressed her gratitude to Dr Mudit Khanna for a successful total knee and hip joint replacement and also giving her the confidence throughout her stay at the hospital.