Patient history:

A 70-year-old patient from Oman was suffering from chronic pain in both her knees. The pain was excruciating, and she was unable to walk and even carry out her daily routine activities. The patient was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was on conservative treatment. However, her condition progressed in the past two years.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition seen mainly in senior citizens. The joint disease is accompanied by severe joint pain, swelling, deformity and prevents the patient from walking.

The decision to avail treatment in India at Wockhardt Hospitals – Mumbai:

The patient due to her age was apprehensive of surgery which is the best line of treatment to provide quality of life and reduce the pain. She has advised knee replacement surgery. After thorough research of options patient decided to undergo the surgery in India. Through the international team at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India, the case was referred to Dr. Mudit Khanna – joint replacement surgeon and orthopedic surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai. On admission of the patient and through evaluation Dr. Khanna suggested that she undergoes a knee replacement surgery for her left knee.

Treatment plan – Partial Knee Replacement Surgery:

The patient underwent knee replacement surgery through the left Unicondylar medial parapatellar technique. The implant inserted was Oxford partial knee system whereby both the tibia and femoral component of the joint with meniscal bearing element was attached, to provide stability and to promote smooth movement of the joint. Wockhardt uses the best quality implants with international standards, so as to provide the best result to the patients.

Post-operatively, the Patient underwent physiotherapy sessions to aid healing and quick recovery. Within a few sessions, the patient was able to walk without pain and was able to walk for long-distance comfort. After complete monitoring of the patient, she was discharged.

The patient was impressed with Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai India team of doctors, and world-class facilities.

Pain control measures and treatments – Joint replacement Surgeries:

  • The orthopedic department and joint replacement surgery team at Wockhardt is regarded as the center of excellence and has carried out successful joint replacement surgeries for major joints such as the knee, hip, and shoulder with successful outcomes.
  • The techniques adopted are advanced replacement surgeries with the least complications, almost no preoperative pain, quick healing, and recovery giving successful outcomes to all international patients. Dr. Mudit Khanna has vast experience and expertise in all types of joint replacement surgical techniques and evaluates patients to provide the best options for joint replacement surgeries and monitors the progress effectively right from the admission to post-operative care and even follow-ups.
  • The physiotherapy department ensures quick recovery and healing, and all physiotherapists are trained to assist patients on their journey to recovery smoothly making the surgery a success at Wockhardt Hospitals, South  Mumbai, India.

At Wockhardt hospital, we ensure all safety measures are adopted for all major surgeries and deliver quality patient services. For any assistance, reach out to us on WhatsApp/call – +91 91360 91380 or email: