A 62-year-old gentleman presented to the Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai –  India with the complaint of left leg groin pain and hip pain for few years. He had difficulty in walking and was unable to sit cross-legged. He was taking a pain killer for a year. The gentlemen was evaluated by Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mudit Khanna. The patient complained that the pain had progressed and was excruciating, hampering his daily activities. He was unable to stand or walk without help and a walking aid. Climbing stairs was practically impossible. Movements of the hip were extremely painful and aggravated on the slightest of movements and the patient had developed deformity on his left hip. The patient’s daily life and mobility were visibly restricted.

After complete investigations and confirming the diagnosis of chronic arthritis by Dr. Khanna, all the treatment modalities were discussed with the advantages and disadvantages of outcomes. Taking into consideration the patient’s grim plight a total hip replacement surgery was decided upon by Dr. Khanna and the patient.

Dr. Mudit Khanna performed a total hip replacement surgery on his left hip with an implant called Zimmer prosthesis. Both the head of the femur (acetabular component) and part of the shaft (femoral stem) were implanted in the patient replacing the damaged anatomical structure of the hip joint.

The Zimmer hip prosthesis would not only provide patient painless mobility but the stability of the hip joint in performing daily activities which thus far patient was unable to achieve due to his chronic arthritic condition.”

The patient’s surgery was successful. After few days of intensive care and PHYSIOTHERAPY SESSIONS, the patient was able to stand and even walk without much SUPPORT IN A PAINLESS MANNER. The gentlemen were ecstatic and relieved to know that he could now perform his daily activities and go for his evening walks with his friends soon, all thanks to WOCKHARDT HOSPITALS, INDIA  – DOCTORS, AND HEALTHCARE SERVICES.


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