A 22-year-old patient from Niger was suffering from a painful lump in her thigh and excruciating pain whilst walking. She consulted doctors in Niger for a hip replacement. However, the surgeons at the hospital were not able to put the implant during the surgery and therefore it was unsuccessful for her. She was recommended by Wockhardt Hospitals in India for further treatment.

At the outset, the patient was very impressed with the coordination she received from the dedicated international team from Wockhardt Hospitals at South Mumbai.

Dr. Mudit Khanna took up the case and consulted the patient. On investigation, it revealed that her femoral canal was narrowed due to which there was a fracture in the femur and the surgery would be complex. A hip replacement surgery with the acetabular correction of femur fracture was planned.

The patient had an underlying condition of Sickle cell anemia which predisposed her to this condition. This disorder caused avascular necrosis around the hip joint and therefore any implant in the joint would fail due to changes in the anatomical structure of the joint.

Dr. Mudit Khanna is an orthopedic surgeon and trauma specialist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai. He specializes in joint replacement surgery of the hip, knee, and shoulder. Dr. Khanna carried out a successful hip replacement surgery and corrected the abnormality in the femur. The surgery also ensured that the femur was stabilized to prevent recurring fractures below the joint. The post-surgery patient recovered well and was able to walk without a walker and any support. The patient can now walk pain-free and can carry out her daily life confidently thanks to Wockhardt Hospitals, India.