World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day 2018

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This World Kidney Day will share few great stories about the patients and their families came to Wockhardt hospitals. They say that women can be healers and can be sometimes bestowed with gods will, on this day we would like to share a story where a lady showed her  fearlessness and benevolence  to save a life through organ donation…….

When diagnosed with Kidney Failure a man, was left with only two options to go through Dialysis for rest of the life or a Kidney Transplantation surgery. 

Understanding that the chances of survival and getting a second chance to life ,the patient decided to opt for kidney transplant. As per transplant norms it was required that for a live kidney donor transplant ,compatibility of the donor and recipient  is an essential pre requisite to avoid rejection of the  organ. Immediate relative are always a better option, however in Akash’s case it was unfortunate that even his parents would not be appropriate matches for the transplant. As fate may have its way, his mother in law decided if she could help. After examination and tests , her kidney was compatible with  her son in law . Being brave and courageous ,and knowing all the risks ,she willingly accepted to donate her kidney to him. Her compassion and strength of conviction gave him hope for a second chance to survive. 

The Kidney Transplant surgery was successfully done at  Wockhardt Hospital Nashik under the experienced hands of transplant surgery team. Patient was monitored for complication and was discharged on being stable. Today Akash is leading a healthy life today and is ever so grateful to his mother in law who’s act of selflessness and humanity  saved his life .

To know more about organ donation please visit us at Wockhardt hospital.

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