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The Radiology department is equipped with the most advanced and worlds fastest CT scan (Brilliance iCT Essential 256 Slice CT) presently available in the market. The machine’s clear ray collimator reduces the scattered radiation by three times and provides exceptional image quality with no artefacts. The NanoPanel3D detection ensures no geometrical distortions or no artefacts due to geometrical distortions – crystal clear images. These optimal lucid images support effective and efficient clinical decision making. Reduced radiation doses reduce the risk to our patients.

Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is the latest INGENIA 3.0 Testa Digital Broadband MRI System by Phillips, which significantly improves MR image clarity , speed and expandability. This MRI machine is fully capable of easily accessing emerging applications like body and cardiac and new enhancements for established applications like neuro and musculoskeletal imaging. The average scan takes less than 8 minutes with this technology.

In addition to the CT and MRI machines, the department also boasts of advanced sonography . Bone Mineral Density Test (BMD) and mammography technology. The CR system ensures high quality digital X-Ray images, which can be emailed to the consultantson their smart phones.

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