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Wockhardt Hospitals offer a comprehensive range of full body health checkup packages that facilitate the complete evaluation of the entire body’s organs and systems, including cardiac health, dental checkups, bariatrics management, etc., along with screening for preventive care.

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At Wockhardt Hospitals, our team of laboratory experts and specialists comprise 200 senior pathologists and over 2000 technicians delivering the most accurate and precise diagnostic solutions in the areas of routine, subspecialty and super speciality domains like Oncology, Neurology, Gynaecology, Nephrology and many more.

In our labs, more than 1,000 tests are performed daily, and we are dedicated to providing proficiency in testing by delivering the most accurate reports to our patients.


Q. What are the health checkup packages available?

Within our range of health checkup packages, you can find–

  • Gold Health checkup package
  • Speciality health checkup package
  • Platinum Health checkup package

Q. How can I avail the health checkup package facilities?

From our website, check out the packages, choose the appropriate package and fill out the booking form giving the required details. You will receive a call confirming your booking and the sample collection time in India. Feel free to reach us at treatment@Wockhardthospitals.com

Q. Is a sample collection facility available?

Yes, we offer a home collection facility for samples of every health checkup service we offer. After booking with us, we will contact you to confirm your sample collection time.