Make your Diwali a Safe & Joyful one

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  • Avoid long loose clothes, as they are fast in catching fire.
  • Strictly avoid using matches and lighters for bursting crackers for Diwali as they have open flames that can be dangerous.
  • Never ignite aerial fireworks like rockets if there is any overhead obstruction present like trees and wires.
  • Never ever leave a lit match, incense stick or sparkler near unused crackers.
  • Never experiment with crackers or make your own fireworks.
  • Avoid bursting crackers on the roads-it could cause a major road accident.
  • Never ever light a cracker while holding it in your hand. See to it that you put it down and then ignite it.
  • Don’t keep your face close to the cracker while trying to light it.
  • Do not throw fireworks at people.
  • Never give any firework item to small children.
  • When crackers take time or do not ignite immediately, do not keep in trying to burst them. Move away immediately. Throw some water to diffuse them.
  • Don’t burn crackers in crowded, congested places, narrow lanes, near sources of fire or inside the house.
  • Don’t let children burst crackers unaccompanied by an adult. Keep an eye on them constantly.

Have a safe and joyful Diwali

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