A young 26-year-old male patient from Niger suffering from chronic renal failure was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. The young man had developed this condition from 2018 and his health was deteriorating. He was on dialysis and treatment in Niger. However, his condition worsened, and he even developed swelling in both lower limbs. This highlighted the  systemic failure. On admission, routine investigations carried out showed that he had a high creatinine level with hypertension. These were dangerous signs and life threatening as well.

Through the international patient cell coordinator from Wockhardt hospitals, patient was able to contact Dr M M Bahadur, a Nephrologist at the Wockhardt hospital, South Mumbai. Dr Bahadur has vast experience in renal transplantation procedures and its protocols. He recommended that the patient is suitable for Live- renal transplant which would definitely change the outcome of patient’s survival and improve quality of life. Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure which allows a person whose own kidneys have failed, to receive a new kidney (recipient) from another person.(donor).

A successful kidney transplant can improve life of the patient and is the best solution to patients whose kidneys have stopped working or are close to failing.

In a live donor kidney transplant, the functioning kidney is removed from a living donor and transplanted into a patient whose kidney are in failure. The  transplanted kidney performs all the functions of a kidney a person has from birth if successful. This is the best procedure for patients who are diagnosed with chronic end stage kidney diseases whose kidneys are not functioning optimally. Advantages of a living donor is that a kidney from a living donor is shown to last longer than a kidney from a deceased donor. The operation can be planned to suit patients schedule and can be planned properly, since it is not necessary to wait for a kidney to become available from a deceased donor.

In our young patients case his own sister decided to be the donor  and was completely evaluated as per the criteria for donor selection. The procedure of kidney transplant needs tremendous amount of medical and surgical expertise, proper monitoring, infection control protocols, legal paper works and proper infrastructure for which Wockhardt Hospitals being a fully-fledged super specialty hospital can cater to in all aspects. As the procedure was carried out during the pandemic, all safety precautions become imperative as well, were adhered to.

The surgery was successful . Both the patient (recipient) and his sister (donor) recovered and were monitored at the hospital. The patients’ vitals were hemodynamically stable and no complications developed post-surgery. Patient was on the road to recovery and was grateful to Wockhardt hospital for this gift of a new life.

For any medical opinion/second opinion, Wockhardt Hospitals’ international patient services can be contacted on +91 91360 91380 or via email on treatment@wockhardthospitals.com