Your spine is the most vital connector in your body. Apart from making you stand erect, it provides the sensory pathway to perform voluntary and involuntary functions. Any damage to the spine can be fatal, but can also make the person inactive completely. It is important to take care and in case you feel any discomfort it is important to get yourself assessed.

Wockhardt would like to share a case study whereby the latest spinal procedures an elderly gentleman men was able to walk again.

A 70 year old patient was brought to the emergency department at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road. He had fallen from his wheel chair the patient had a history of a road traffic accident. Prior to getting admitted at Mira Road, the patient was taken to a nearby hospital in his vicinity, where he complained of neck pain and weakness of his upper limbs and lower limbs. He was stabilised and shifted to Wockhardt Hospital, for further management. At the hospital, Dr Aaditya Kashikar, a renowned spinal surgeon, examined the patient, in addition to neck pain, difficulty in moving upper limb and lower limb, he also complained of difficulty in passing urine. Dr Kashikar suspected a cervical spine injury and an urgent MRI and CT of the whole spine were carried out. Neurologist opinion was also taken. His MRI showed severe compression of his cervical spine vertebrae and no fracture. A surgical laminectomy was carried out.

After the surgery there was progressive movement of upper limb and lower limb. After 4 days of surgery he was able to walk and did not require his wheel chair. Today the patient is able to carry out activities without any support.

Thanks to Wockahrdt Hospital, and Dr Kashikar, he does not need his wheel chair any more.

Bran and Spine is a surgical speciality which is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of spine functions by managing various spinal disorders. It includes both non-operative and complex operative treatment modalities. At a glance, Spine Surgery is a combination of orthopaedic and neurosurgical surgery. The speciality comprises a gamut of spinal surgeries with an aim to relieve pain, stabilization of spine and decompression of spinal cord/nerves.

At Wockhardt Hospital Spine Services Department is running A MULTI DISCIPLIANRY program in the country by a team of dedicated and highly experienced spine surgeons, neurophysicians, pain block experts, physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts. The speciality has one of the best of state of the art equipment, world class infrastructure, and diagnostic services in achieving the right diagnosis and bringing about optimal care. The Spine surgery services department is well complimented by an excellent physical therapy and rehabilitation department.