This quarantine period can get boring and annoying.

A lot of physical activity has been reduced and many us are watching a lot of TV. But do you know, over-eating, unplanned meals, under stress eating during the time of isolation can negatively impact your overall health.

Start Your Day Right

You can start your day with honey and hot lemon water to rejuvenate and to flush out the unnecessary toxins out of the body. It gives a great boost to your metabolism as well.

No matter what, don’t forget to eat a hale and hearty breakfast as it minimizes the hunger pangs and cravings until lunchtime. 

Have Short Meals 

Eating big meals in one go leads to stock plenty of calories in the body which adds up to gain weight.

So, it is necessary to learn the art of portion control and to break your big meals into small portions. This way you can easily digest the calories and effortlessly lose weight instead of packing any extra pounds.

You can take smaller plates, use your hands as a serving guide, skip eating while cooking and directly from the container.

Eat On Time

Losing the track of time during this period is quite easy. However, this can lead to adding extra kilos.

Plan your meals and follow a time period to eat throughout the day.

Eating food just before your bedtime makes the food hard to digest. So, schedule your last meal between 7-8 pm.

Have A Balanced Diet

Sticking to a well-balanced and healthy diet can easily help you in losing weight. Also, it helps in keeping diseases at bay.

Cut out the processed and oily food from your diet and incorporate more good fats and carbs in your diet.

You can add green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits in your diet to get all the essential nutrients. Also, don’t cut any nutrients from your diet without knowing its value and impact on the body.

Hydration Is The Key

While laying back, relaxing, it’s quite common to forget to drink water. 

Sometimes your body can fuse the signs of thirst and hunger as well which leads you to binge unhealthy snacks. Drinking 2.5-3 liters of water every day can help in keeping the hunger pangs at bay, flush out the toxins from the body, promote digestion and give you a healthy and supple skin.

Drinking water is a great detox to your body which helps in losing those extra pounds.

Exercise At Home 

It is very important to burn all those calories that you are consuming through the day or it can lead to obesity and other health ailments.

Add a regular home workout of about 30-45 minutes in your lifestyle to lose weight.

You can refer to plenty of workout videos available on the internet, utilize your stairs, and do lunges, Pilates, dance and aerobics for effective results.

Keep fit and maintain good health.