A female patient allegedly suffering from a psychiatry disorder from Konkan came to Mumbai.

Due to the pandemic and issuing of the lock-down the family could not return. Patient started displaying Anti psychotic episodes for a past few days.

She was having episode of behavioral disturbance & was continuously blabbering and  family members were not able to  comprehend her erratic speech. The family was distraught and were worried on how to manage the situation in this crisis

The Patient came along with husband to meet psychiatrist for medicines to be continued to Wockhardt Hospital, MIRA road hoping that would solve the medical issue and patient’s condition would improve.

Dr. Dipesh Pimpale neurologist at Wockhardt Hospital, examined  her  at the hospital and discovered that the patient’s  mental state was not due to a psychiatry condition but was a neurological condition.

Dr Dipesh realizing that the patient was going into a stroke and realized that timely medical intervention  was the only option to stop the progress of the stroke which could lead to a permanent paralysis in patient.

Patient was admitted ,treatment and investigations was promptly started. Patients blabbering stopped and she started speaking normally after treatment commenced.

 After treating for 3 days at the hospital patient improved and was on the road  to recovery.

Thanks to Wockhardt Hospital and timely intervention of the Dr Dipesh permanent damage was averted.

In such unpredictable times when a  threat of pandemic is focus of health care units, the case highlights that Wockhardt Hospital is fully geared to treat all specialties and emergencies 24*7.