Are you a new parent? Worried about how to take care of your little one during the pandemic? Yes, new parents may face difficulties in terms of keeping their newborns hale and hearty. To slow the spread of this deadly virus, it is advised to stay indoors and only step out when necessary while following Covid-19 protocol. Hence, during these challenging times, new parents will have a tough time ensuring that their babies stay healthy. To top it all, even the monsoon is here! Thus, the addition of the new one can be joyous as well as overwhelming for the new parents. Keeping your baby safe can be a daunting task. New parents can follow these parenting tricks:

Be watchful of symptoms

In case you notice symptoms in your baby such as severe coughing which ultimately causes vomiting, gasping for breath, wheezing, chest pain owing to inflamed lungs which can occur as a result of respiratory infection, runny nose, fever, cough and fatigue, then seek medical help immediately. Delaying treatment due to the fear of coronavirus can worsen the condition of your baby.

Dress your baby appropriately

Put clothes on the newborn baby that are appropriate for surrounding temperature. Do not cover the newborn too much as they might have environmental hyperthermia — the newborn baby becomes warmer and parents feel that the baby has a fever. So whenever parents feel that please check the armpit body temperature which normally ranges between 98.6 and 99 degree F. If it’s more than 99 F, then keep the baby open and recheck body temperature after 30 minutes.

Get your newborn vaccinated

Get the little one vaccinated as per the vaccine chart, to protect the baby from some known diseases. Do not delay as there is a vaccine against rotavirus that cannot be given after six months of age. Whenever you are stepping out for vaccination, please take precautions against coronavirus and choose the safest time with the help of your paediatrician.

Precautions for parents

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and also use a sanitiser. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands before touching the baby. Stay away or maintain a distance of six feet from a person who has flulike symptoms and keep your baby away too. Clean house regularly with routine cleansers. Do not forget to cover your face by using a facemask. Do not keep tables, doorknobs, light switches, mobile phones, handles, countertops, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and desks dirty as they can be a potential source of infection. If you happen to stay out, then follow the Covid-19 protocol as not doing so can prove to be risky for your baby. Ensure you have stocked up enough supplies for the baby.

Peaceful sleep environment

To calm your crying baby, sing to the little one and gently swaddle or rock him/her. Maintain a proper sleep schedule and provide a safe sleep environment.

New mothers must take care

Try to get enough rest and relax. Ask your family members to lend a helping hand in taking care of the baby. Create a time table and make a list of responsibilities for each family member. Connect with your family members and friends via video call. Indulge in activities that you enjoy doing. If you feel anxious and depressed, then seek help. Open up about your feelings by talking to near and dear ones. Take advice from the doctor, if need be through video calls.

Moms, you can also join support groups online as that will help you understand other’s experiences as well as allow you to find a solution to deal with your problems.