A 38-year-old patient from South Africa was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals South   Mumbai, India for lower back pain radiating to the left lower limb for two months. The pain had become progressively worse for the past 2 weeks. The pain worsened on lying down and was associated with tingling and cramps.

The patient consulted neurosurgeon Dr. Mazda Turel, a highly experienced doctor, at Wockhardt Hospitals. On MRI investigation it was discovered that there was a lesion like structure in the Lumbar 4 and 5 vertebrae with a differential diagnosis of a schwannoma or a neurofibroma. The lesion like mass was compressing the nerve structures in the lumbar spine, which was the cause of pain for the patient. The condition was diagnosed as L5 radiculopathy due to an intradural tumor and surgery was advised by Dr. Turel.

The patient underwent a laminectomy at L5 and complete excision of the tumor. The patient was made to walk after the first day of surgery. His pain and discomfort in the left leg had drastically reduced and he was on the road to recovery.

The patient was impressed with the latest techniques in neurosurgery at the hospital. As an international patient, he expressed that Wockhardt Hospitals South Mumbai, India medical team and facilities were world medical institutes in India. The care and efficient services he received from the time he consulted Dr. Turel right up to his discharge were exemplary and he has complete trust in the hospital.