A 52-year-old patient from Nigeria was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. She had multiple symptoms associated with her spine for the past 2 years.

Her agony

Initially, she suffered from low back pain which then radiated down behind both her legs along with tingling numbness. Her condition worsened to such an extent that the patient lost the ability to walk even for 5 mins. In the preceding six months of her condition, the patient further also developed pain radiating from her neck to her shoulders and then forearms. The patient underwent conservative treatment along with countless physiotherapy sessions; however, relief was only temporary. The patient was also a   bit overweight with hypertension and had a lumbar spine, total knee, and shoulder replacement surgery in the past.

Opinion from Multispeciality Hospital in India

Devastated and concerned for her unprecedented condition patient decided to consult super specialty services at a multispecialty hospital. She was recommended Wockhardt Hospitals, India and connected with Dr. Mazda Turel, brain & spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai. Dr Turel keen expertise lies in minimal invasive spinal surgery procedures, nerve decompression surgery and disc prolapse.

Diagnosis by Brain & Spine expert at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai – India

At the hospital patient’s condition was evaluated with investigations and it was discovered on CT scan that her screws had   loosened in the L2 region VERETEBRAE. There was evidence of also a distinct fracture (Harrington) of the rod that was placed in L4 L5 region done in her previous surgery. Dr Turel then confirmed that the patient was suffering now from left lumbar radiculopathy, failed back syndrome and cervical radiculopathy.

Progress on 2nd day of the Surgery

Due to her multiple symptoms contributed by the failure of the   past spinal surgery, Dr Mazda Turel decided to go in for a spinal surgery to assess and repair the damaged spine. The patient therefore underwent a revised bilateral fusion surgery with screws and rod replacement for L1 and L2 to S1 surgery. Patient made good progress after surgery. Her pain in limbs were markedly reduced. Her symptoms due to nerve compression was also reduced drastically and patient was feeling comfortable to walk pain free, by the second day after surgery, itself.

Patient was all set to fly back to Nigeria with confidence that she was mobile again and was thankful to Wockhardt Hospital’s brilliant team of doctors, international patient coordinators and management for all their support and efficient services provided during her stay.

“Life Wins again at Wockhardt Hospitals, India!”