We are pleased to inform you that Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai, India, is equipped to treat patients in this ongoing pandemic, as per global health standards and the Indian government.

The hospital is adhering to all the health and safety protocols for Covid 19  in order  to reduce the risk of international and domestic  patients getting affected  with the virus , when they visit the hospital for treatment.

Wockhardt Hospital is pleased to announce that we have gradually started receiving patients from the Middle East, Arab countries and Africa.

Following are some precautionary measures that are taken by Wockhardt hospital team for smooth and safe transition of patient to the hospital

We recommend that the patient accompanies one escort, and the patient will be admitted to the hospital immediately after coming from the airport.

 It is essential that the patient and accompanying person undergo an RT- PCR test, after which he is transferred to his own ward.

For your information, hotels are receiving guests and they have all the required safety precautions in place for patients visiting for medical treatment. Social distancing is maintained at all times.

We understand the importance of health and safety of the patient and the companion. To ensure the same we   provide the following essential services at the hospital to our valued patients

1. We provide an official invitation for the visa on confirming treatment at our hospital, and in case of necessity, we can contact the embassy.

2. The official letter necessary to receive the patient from the airport in a healthy manner, according to the protocol.

3. A private translator who works for us in the hospital is appointed to facilitate communication. Social distancing is maintained by the translator and he will communicate with hospital staff only under certain circumstances.

4. Three meals for the patient and the companion provided at the hospital.

5. We provide online consultation services for patients who want to meet with the consultants, and the patient can speak with the doctor and discuss his case accurately and in detail. It is the first service of its kind for our patients and the patient can speak with the specialist doctor from his country.

For further information please contact our international patient cell at Wockhardt hospital.