Parents share their experiences, appreciation and gratitude to the dedicated efforts taken by physiotherapy department at Wockhardt Hospital Mira Road

“Dr Namrata is an excellent physiotherapist and is like a mother to my daughter. The exercise regime that she has planned for my daughter has improved her condition tremendously. It’s a pleasure to come to the hospital. Dr Namrata takes a lot of efforts in teaching the exercise to my daughter. She is very patient and calm with children and I appreciate her work. The physiotherapy sessions at Wockhardt Hospital is one of the best and definitely show results.”

“Our little daughter Aaravi was not able to sit or crawl, thanks to Dr Rajitha and Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road, she can. Dr Rajitha is a wonderful doctor and gave us faith and confidence that our daughter would slowly and steadily improve. We had lots of queries and anxieties and Dr Rajitha and team at Wockhardt Hospital assisted us in every way. We appreciate all their continuous effort and support in improving our daughter and are very grateful to Wockhardt Hospital.”

“We appreciate all the efforts taken by Dr Namrata in teaching our son Manav the exercises. We are grateful for the continuous support. We would also like to mention that the department is well equipped with all the apparatus, equipment, toys and essentials in the department to cater to the needs of children with physical difficulties. The services that we received were beyond our expectations. Thank you Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road”

“Our son Dheriya was diagnosed with delayed milestones as a child and physical disabilities. We came to Wockhardt Hospital to and met Dr Namrata. She is an excellent Physiotherapist, very hardworking, conscientious and patient. She developed a customised program for Dheriya. Today there is definite improvement in his milestones. We are grateful to Dr Namrata and Wockhardt Hospital physiotherapy department for all their assistance and care.”

“My son Divyansh Jaiswal was suffering from physical disabilities. He was not able to perform normal day to day activities of children his own age. This affected his overall development. We visited Dr Namrata at Wockhardt hospital, Mira Road for physiotherapy. Apart from the infrastructure in the department, the team is fully dedicated in managing children with physical and learning disabilities. Over a year we can see the improvement in our son. Thanks to Dr Namrata and Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road. “

“My son was suffering from attention issues, and delayed development. He was not communicating with me and was not able to follow simple instructions .As a parents we were very anxious on his development and condition. We have been visiting Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road for the past one year. Today, my son communicates with me and tells me simple things like if he is hungry. He even follows simple instructions and his concentration has improved. I would like to thank Wockhardt Hospital and the physiotherapy staffs, for all their efforts in helping my son improve.”

Petals (Paediatric Physio educational therapy and learning Services) is an initiative by Wockhardt Hospitals in association with Sneh Rerc, to ensure the overall development of your little one from womb to adulthood in a holistic way in all domains of gross motor , fine motor , speech, social and personal aspects. The centre performs an overall assessment of the child and then planning a custom made program defining the essential needs for every child. Most issues tackled are on conditions where there is difficulty in balance and coordination, orthopaedic issues, muscle weakness, paralysis, attention deficit disorder etc.

Some conditions managed by the centre are:

  • Delayed Development
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Genetic Disorders
  • Spinal Cord Deformities
  • Autism
  • Slow learners or learning disabilities
  • Respiratory disorders.

Programs Offered are:

  • Fitness Program
  • Neurodevelopment program
  • Sensory Integration therapy
  • Connections and attachments
  • Orthotic prescription
  • Orthopaedic based interventions
  • Home Programs

For more queries and treatment please contact Wockhardt Hospital.