A 55-year-old patient from Nigeria was admitted with features of lumbar canal stenosis with significantly impaired quality of life. The patient had undergone multiple spine surgeries and procedures in the past with an intention for pain relief but without promising results. The patient came to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai in a wheelchair and was barely able to walk/ stand without pain. He was admitted under Dr. Mazda Turel, Neuro & Spine Surgeon. He also had restricted movement of the shoulder and pain radiated in the neck.

At the hospital, the patient underwent a series of diagnostic tests comprising of CT scan and MRI scan it revealed degenerative changes in his cervical and lumbar spine. This was apparently the reason for the symptoms. The degenerative changes were causing nerve compression. The surgical plan and details were explained to the patient.

As the patient also had restricted mobility of both shoulders, he was referred to Orthopedic Surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital in the same building. He underwent bilateral intra-articular injection in view of his frozen shoulders. Dr. Mazda performed L4-5 spine decompression of stenosis and L2-S1 fusion. After surgery patient underwent aggressive physiotherapy to regain the functioning of his limbs. More than half of his nerve compression symptoms had disappeared and the patient was making good progress. The patient was discharged with a complete plan of physiotherapy exercises and precautions to adhere to.

This was a very complicated surgery because the patient had already had a fusion earlier at one level and now doctors had to do a long construct along with re-implants, along with shoulder problems. Hence, a multispeciality hospital with experienced Neurospine surgeons & Orthopedic Surgeons improved the quality of life of the patient. The ultimate aim of the neurosurgery procedure was to achieve mobility for the patient, by the third-day patient was able to walk without any discomfort, which was a great relief. The patient was grateful to Dr. Turel and Wockhardt Hospital SOUTH Mumbai India for giving him a second chance to walk again.