A brave 28-year-old young girl from Oman defeated Covid 19 infection in the month of Aug 2020. But at around the end of 2020, she started getting severe pain during the menstrual cycle, called Dysmenorrhagia with heavy bleeding (menorrhagia). This continued for around 2-3 months with her cycle being regular. But she got anxious about symptoms as she had prolonged bleeding for more than 7 days.  Many Omanis have visited Wockhardt Hospitals in India for their various medical problems and have successfully been treated and returned home. So, one of their relatives suggested she discuss this problem with the senior specialists at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai. This lady was directed to the international cell representative of Wockhardt Hospital over email as well as Whatsapp and phone call. Her tentative diagnosis was done, however, it was advised to meet the doctor and avail of treatment.

In March 2021 (during the global pandemic), this lady was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai branch in India. Dr Indrani Salunkhe (Obstetrics & Gynaecologists) at the hospital consulted and advised for necessary investigations. She was diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids. The doctor counselled the patient and family and advised for a laparoscopy myomectomy procedure to be carried out. During the procedure, 2 subserosal fibroids were removed approximately measuring7*5 cm and the other 3*5 CMS respectively. One in the lateral one was also excised.

This laparoscopic procedure was successful and by excising these multiple fibroids, the patient’s complaints would definitely reduce and health status would improve. The patient was grateful to the team of doctors and wonderful management by Wockhardt Hospitals. Her family mentioned that in this time of crisis too, all the staff cooperated very well with them and gave them a wonderful experience.

Lady moved back to her country in a very stable and optimistic condition thanking Wockhardt Hospitals. Wockhardt Hospitals have a dedicated international department with all facilities. For any medical assistance, write to us at treatment@wockhardthospitals.com