Chronic neurological condition…

A 36-year-old patient from Oman was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, India with complaints of head heaviness, weakness, tremors in both upper limbs and lower limbs and was unable to walk without support for the past one to two years. He had a history of constipation for the past three days.

The patient had a past medical history of being unconscious in 2004. The patient was on dialysis for the past year. He had bilateral cataracts in both eyes as well. The patient was a case of chronic kidney disease and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012 for which he was under treatment at the hospital.

Multispecialty care and investigations ensure proper treatment:

On admission, all baseline investigations were done including sonography, urinary bladder, and kidney which showed cholelithiasis (Cholelithiasis or gallstones are hardened deposits of digestive fluid that can form in your gallbladder) and there were also significant changes in the kidneys with gross hydronephrosis and hydro ureter thickening of the urinary bladder. Dr. Prashant Makhija – Neurologist at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai was also involved in the treatment, and he advised physiotherapy and speech therapy as well as an MRI brain and spine. The patient was under the treatment of Dr. Chandan Chaudhary, a Nephrologist at the Wockhardt Hospitals, and he diagnosed the patient with an uro genic bladder also known as an overactive bladder with secondary vesicoureteral reflex which could be related to his chronic kidney disease. As the patient had multiple complaints was provided, a multidisciplinary treatment approach with antibiotics and was provided daily bladder care, physiotherapy exercises and was discharged when he was stable.

Medical experts at the world-class hospital for international patients…

The patient was thankful for the international patient cell and the entire medical team for the excellent supportive care at the hospital during his care. They made the patient feel safe, making the hospital stay less apprehensive and extremely pleasant. The patient was extremely grateful to Wockhardt Hospitals’ team of doctors for managing his case so brilliantly and giving him a quality life ahead. “Life Wins” again at Wockhardt Hospitals, India.

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