A Sixty-one-year-old patient from Malawi was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. She was diagnosed with prolapse of cervical spine C3 and C4 afflicting the nerves (myelopathy) and Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The patient was treated by Dr. Mazda Turel renowned neurosurgeon at the hospital.

Her agony
The patient had a past history of polio in the right lower limb and had also undergone surgery for carpal tunnel release in the right hand a year before which did not ease her symptoms. In the last 3 years, the patient developed numbness and heaviness in both arms, which was hampering her daily activities. Her condition worsened and she progressed to having difficulty in walking, worsening of her gait, and eventually patient needed a walking stick to move around as support.

Treatment by Neurologist and NeuroSurgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, India
At Wockhardt Hospital Dr. Turel decided to evaluate the case with an MRI of the spine and nerve conduction tests. The investigation revealed disc prolapse at C3 C4 with canal stenosis. Nerve conduction tests revealed nerve damage. The USG revealed nerve compression at the wrist confirming carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr.  Prashant Makhija, Neurologist at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India was also consulted to confirm the diagnosis. According to both the consultant’s patient symptoms were due to cervical cord compression aggravating the carpal tunnel syndrome. Due to the progressive worsening condition of the patient, it was decided to address the spinal cord pathology first. The patient underwent a successful C3 C4 ANTERIOR CERVICAL DISCECTOMY procedure.

Recovery of the Patient
The patient showed a remarkable recovery, her numbness in the hands reduced drastically, and was able to walk without support after the first-day post-surgery. Dr. Mazda Turel was very satisfied with the progress of the patient and reassured the patient on the improvement of gait with physiotherapy.

The patient was extremely grateful to Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr. Mazda Turel for managing her case so brilliantly and giving her a quality life ahead.

“Life Wins again at Wockhardt Hospitals, India!”