Amidst the lockdown Wockhardt Hospitals is fully geared up to manage and treat conditions of various specialities in an emergency situation.Our dedicated staff is fully trained and under strict safety the hospital is ready to face and provide medical services to its patients.

A 65 year old lady with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus presented with severe foot infection and septicaemia. Her great toe was already amputated 10 days back but infection has spread and whole foot developed gangrene.

Dr.Brijesh Dube, Consultant General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, examined her and counselled the patient and her family regarding the need for emergency below knee amputation as a life and limb saving procedure. She was operated after optimization of her general condition as she was very high risk patient. She was discharged after 5 days in a stable condition.

The family was very grateful that they came to Wockhardt Hospital, Mira road, where all emergency services are functional and all doctors are available despite of the nation wide lockdown.