A month back, if someone told us that the bustling streets of the world would be deserted, world economies would plummet, and we all would lock ourselves inside our homes for safety, we would have laughed, and laughed hard on that! As necessary as social distancing and staying home have become for us, being cooped up inside has its side effects, especially on our physical health. From jagged appetite to lower metabolism, there can be some ill effects on your body due to lack of physical activity. Here’s what experts have to say. Read on. Watch That Pose!

From sofa to bed and balcony to floor, work from home has made us squat and work from corners of our home we never imagined. As comfortable as it sounds, it is not all that good for your body. Without a steady and balanced posture, occupying spaces without back or butt support long may cause spine issues. “You can walk around your home instead of continuously sitting. Stand up and stretch. You can do Zumba, yoga or aerobics, isometric exercises and skipping at home. But, avoid going overboard. People who have any comorbidities must consult their doctor before undertaking any fitness routine,” Dr Vikrant Shah, consulting physician, intensivist and infection disease specialist, Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur.

Watch Your Metabolism!

For most of us, who follow a sedentary lifestyle, it is imperative to keep the engines rolling. As lockdown and quarantine have restricted the physical movements to just our homes, make sure to keep your bodily cycles active by doing some physical exercise. Take the stairs in the house and follow a fitness routine to keep your metabolism rate stable. “Staying inside the home for a long time can reduce metabolism. It can also cause muscle loss especially if a person is used to working out,” says Amreen Shaikh, Head dietician and nutritionist, Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai Central.

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Watch That Weight!

Reduction in physical activity causes weight gain, explains Dr Shaikh. While we stay put in the house, our appetite goes for a toss. Owing to lack of movement, and all thanks to quarantine cooking wave on social media, eating has become a favourite pastime. “Staying at home may make you gain weight if you fail to exercise at home and follow a well-balanced diet. The sedentary lifestyle and low levels of physical activity can also invite other problems such as heart issues or diabetes. Also, in the current context of COVID-19, staying home is the only key to flatten the viral curve and to avoid community spread,” says Dr Shah.

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Watch What You Watching!

As the world outside has shut down, people are finding the comfort of socialising and entertainment in their phone and laptops. However, if you keep your eyes glued to the screen for long hours, chances of getting eye infection are high. Make sure you keep the brightness of your devices low and keep a dedicated off-time to help you switch off and get your eyes the much-needed rest.

Why Staying Active Physically Is Important

  • Staying physically active can help you keep various health problems like diabetes and heart issues at bay.
  • It can help you lose weight, stay energetic and optimistic.
  • It can help you reduce stress and calm you. It has long-term health benefits and can enhance your quality of life.
  • Exercising can help strengthen your heart and increase blood circulation.
  • It is essential to have physical activity to have a balanced physical, mental and psychological well-being that fulfils the definition of health.
  • Barring this, by increasing the BMR, it helps to maintain caloric burden too.

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Best Ways To Keep Fit During The Lockdown

  • Start with your hobbies, like dancing. (Involve your family members and make it fun and exciting)
  • Do yoga or power yoga
  • Make use of online training programs.
  • Climb staircase in your building.’
  • Use Water bottles for weight training.
  • Use your children’s skipping rope.
  • Watch Tabata videos. (Best exercise to improve your metabolism and lose weight)- Start with basic 4 minutes videos. Tabata continues to burn your calories throughout the day.