Summers are here, and it’s also time for you to relax, enjoy, have fun and travel too. But what about the sweltering summer heat? It is important all age groups to stay healthy and safe in the summer time. With the change in weather, increasing temperatures and heat waves, simple precautions can help prevent heat strokes and dehydration.


Stay Hydrated – The scorching heat leaves your body hydrated. You should make sure that you drink enough water or water-based drinks to keep your body hydrated. Cut down on your tea and coffee intake, switch to green tea and cool juices if possible! Drink loads of water to prevent dehydration and carry wet wipes to keep your skin hydrated!

Sunscreen – In the scorching summer heat, make sure you use a sunscreen lotion. Take precautions, try not going out in the sun when the sun is out, shining brightly.  If at all you are out in the sun for too long, make sure you reapply the sunscreen.

Protect Your Eyes – It is not just your skin that needs to be protected, but also your eyes. Make sure you wear sunglasses when going out in the sun. Choose sunglasses which provide 99% protection against the ultraviolet rays.

Watch your foods – Summer also brings with it the temptation of ice creams, however, they are best avoided. Instead, choose fresh fruits and vegetables which are easy to digest.

Choose indoor play at noontime FOR CHILDREN – Play indoors during the afternoons to avoid extreme summer heat from 12.00 noon to

Dress appropriately – Wear cotton clothes rather than synthetic ones to avoid Protect yourself – Kids must wear hats to cover their head from the sun’s heat.

Use of Insect Repellents: Also, children should apply insect repellents to avoid insect bites that can cause infections and diseases.

Travel during the summer: Consume wisely by eating freshly cooked food and drinking only from sealed water bottles. To protect against pollution in the cities, wear a scarf.

It is also essential to travel with medications for diarrhoea, headache and other common ailments. In most situations, boiling water is the simplest solution in places with poor sanitation and hygiene. Always remember, correct food choices while travelling can make the difference between good health and sickness

So enjoy your summer break by keep yourself healthy too.