Fifty-eight years old lady from Nigeria was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India with excruciating low back pain radiating to the posterior and lateral aspect of both her lower limbs for the last 4 years. Her pain was also associated with tingling and numbness. The symptoms were progressive in nature with the inability to walk even for more than 2 mins. She had attained a kyphotic posture of the spine (Hunchback) due to the severity of the pain. To get some relief the patient had taken multiple physiotherapy sessions and medication, which only gave her temporary relief. The patient was on conservative management for her pain but then decided to view other options for surgical intervention outside Nigeria. The patient was also a known case of hypertension and developed hypothyroidism which was detected on admission.

Dr. Mazda Turel – Brain & Spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India evaluated the patient and advised the MRI scan of the spine. It revealed a large L4-L5 paracentral disc prolapse in the lumbar region which was the cause of the significant nerve compression of the right exiting and traversing nerve roots. The pathology on the MRI also showed ligamental and facet joint hypertrophy of the vertebrae causing significant canal stenosis. This was probably the reason for patients’ severe pain and inability to walk properly. Dr. Mazda Turel also observed that patient had bilateral L5 and S1  radiculopathy with progressively worsening kyphotic deformity. The patient was diagnosed with a case of  Spinal Listhesis.

Dr. Mazda Turel discussed the surgical modalities of treatment with the patient and gave complete information on the risks and benefits of the surgery. Under the surgical expertise of Dr. Turel, the patient underwent a Minimally invasive spine surgery of the right L4-L5 Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) along with L4 and L5 pedicle screw and rod insertion. After a day of surgery, patiently observed that she had complete relief of pain in both her legs and back and could walk with an erect posture. The patient was making excellent progress after surgery. She was awaiting her discharge so that she could go back to her family in Nigeria and enjoy her life once again. The patient was thoroughly impressed with the medical services at Wockhardt Hospitals as well as the advanced techniques used for treating patients with chronic spinal problems. She expressed a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mazda Turel and international patient co-ordinations and truly believed that coming to Wockhardt Hospitals, India was the right choice she ever made.