The aging process impacts every aspect of an individual’s life physical, mental and emotional including family members and caregivers. The elderly often visit hospitals for a variety of different conditions. They go from one appointment to another, seeing multiple doctors with little to no coordination of care. This can be frustrating and confusing—for both patients and their loved ones, too.

That is why it’s essential to provide specialized services to take care of senior citizens need at the hospital and to provide a compassionate, understanding care.

Getting older can bring senior health challenges. By being aware of these common chronic conditions, you can take steps to stave off disease as you age.

Health conditions affecting the elderly include:

1. Arthritis is probably the number one condition that people 65 or older contend with making movement difficult and painful

2. Heart Disease As people age, they’re increasingly living with risk factors, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol that increase the chances of having a stroke or developing heart disease.

3. Cancer as per the risk factors associated some elderly patients are prone to risk cancer.

4. Respiratory Diseases like Chronic lower respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) bronchitis or emphysema. Although having a chronic respiratory disease increases senior health risks, making you more vulnerable to pneumonia and other infections

5. Alzheimer’s Disease a generative neurological conditions leading to memory severe loss, dementia and overall degenerative condition, Very prevalent in India today,

6. Osteoporosis can contribute to senior citizens to become less mobile and potentially disabling them with increase chances of falls and fractures.

7. Diabetes and its complication very common condition in India

9. Falls and Fractures: The risk for falls requiring emergency room care increases with age and is a very common medical emergency for elderly citizens

12. Depression is seen very rampantly   in his age group. A threat to senior health, depression can lower immunity and can compromise a person’s ability to fight infections

13. Oral Health and dental issues

14 Kidney related diseases due to underlying complications and associated risk factors.

15.  Elderly patients are also prone to a variety of bacterial and viral skin infections like herpes and complication of underlying disease or simply because of drop in their immunity.

Apart from medical services to help patients the hospital should also cater to needs of these patients to assist them various procedures at the hospital making it easy for them to visit doctors and gave the essential treatment through an essential one point contact for supportive and logistics services in and around the hospital. This coordinated care of services and patient care will ease the patient through his transitions from home, to the hospital and other needed facilities and also be a comfort to the relative and caregivers

Towards this step and further underrating of geriatric care Wockhardt hospital has launched a thoughtful initiative for senior citizens. This initiative will add to the comfort of the senior citizens and assist them more effectively.

Wockhardt hospital launched a senior citizen deskin its Nashik hospital. Such a requirement is the need of the hour for to help out the elderly when they are visiting the hospital.


  • The help desk will assist elderly patient to solve all queries at the hospital reducing their hassle and stress whilst visiting for medical treatment.
  •  It will also coordinate procedures for senior citizens to smoothen their visit at the hospital for treatment procedure including registration of the senior citizen patient, making an appointment for outpatient services for doctor consultation, health checkup procedure, investigations protocols and admission procedure for inpatient.
  • The senior patient will be guided through various treatments, cost estimates of surgeries, health checkups and billing procedure formalities will be taken care of. All investigations reports will be dispatched to their homes and wheel chair assistance will be given for easy movement at various points in the hospital including washrooms
  •  Wockhardt Nashik has also launched a senior citizen card and dedicated helpline to assist the elderly. A dedicated 24x7helpline number can be accessed for all queries. Senior Citizen 24 X 7 Helpline Number:8530044446
  • The hospital will provide a Senior Citizen Privilege Health Card for availing these services and will offer certain privileges like some discount on OPD and IPD Services as the benefits of the cards. This card is for patient who will be paying by cash. The card will be for patients who are 58 Years or above at a Registration Charges of Rs 100 Only. The Card will be valid till 1 Year from date of issue.

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