A 40 year old patient came to the Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central in a serious condition, he was not able to speak and had weakness in the limbs. The emergency medical team adopted the Code White protocol Code White’ which is a metaphoric alert button pushed at the emergency department at the hospital by team of nurses and doctors.

As part of the Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) in neurological emergencies, a brain resuscitation team reached the emergency room within 5 minutes and within 15 minutes; an MRI was done for a conclusive diagnosis. This resuscitation was critical for the patient and he was rushed to remove the clot in his brain.

The patient miraculously recovered and a permanent stroke was averted for the patient. The patient was grateful to Wockhardt Hospital emergency services and Dr Hastak for his diligence and advancement in medical services at the facility.

The ENLS protocol is established by Dr Shirish Hastak a very experienced neurologist and stroke expert at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai central. The brain resuscitation neurological emergency is first of its kind in India. All 5 emergency doctors and 16 emergency nurses at the hospital are USA certified to implement ENLS protocols.

Wockhardt Hospital is the first healthcare provider in India to have their emergency staff fully ENLS (Emergency Neurological Life Support) USA certified.

The ENLS will help doctors manage and improve patient’s outcome in the critical first hour of a neurological emergency.

The practise adopted at Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai central is very beneficial in saving many lives and reduces the chance of the stroke progressing in many cases. The protocol creates a multi-disciplinary approach and provides a checklist or decision pints and sets a communication for patient management. The ENLS not only manages stroke, but also seizure, encephalopathy, traumatic brain/spine injury, brain infections and systematic approach to coma.

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