Chronic neck pain of a senior citizen …

A 68-year-old gentleman from Botswana was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India. He complained of neck pain radiating to his shoulders, which was associated with tingling and numbness for the past three years. He also complained of difficulty in walking and tried to manage his condition with medication and physiotherapy for some time. This provided him with temporary relief, but unfortunately, his symptoms gradually progressed. In Botswana, the patient was put on immunoglobulin and steroid therapy, but this did not alleviate his symptoms and his condition worsened. He decided, to take treatment outside his country and was recommended, to consult with a neurosurgeon in India through a friend. He contacted our international team at Wockhardt Hospitals, who shared the case with Dr. Mazda Turel a renowned neurosurgeon, with vast experience in treating cervical stenosis and other spinal disorders for many, of our international patients at the hospital.

Journey at Wockhardt Hospitals

On arrival, the international team coordinator ensured smooth admission, and a detailed review was carried out of the patient with Dr. Mazda Turel, to understand all the surgical options and further course of treatment.  The patient was advised an MRI of his cervical spine, which showed C3 and C4 disc compression. After consultation with a Physician consultant for evaluating his hypertension and diabetes mellitus, he underwent a C3 and C4 anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Post-surgery the patient, was recovering well he was on physiotherapy and his symptoms of tingling numbness had improved, and was discharged to go back to his country.

Excellent Treatment by Neurosurgeon and Staff at Wockhardt Hospitals, India

The patient was grateful to Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr. Mazda Turel. The patient shared that Dr. Mazda Turel was a pillar of strength not only in performing the surgery but also in the recovery process as well. The patient expressed that Dr. Turel exudes a lot of confidence and his encouragement was what made him go ahead with the surgery. He was especially caring and visited daily post-operatively to assess his condition.

The patient is thankful to the international patient cell and the entire medical team for the excellent supportive care at the hospital, right from the operating theatre staff to the ward care. They made the patient feel safe, making the hospital stay less apprehensive and extremely pleasant. The patient was extremely grateful to Wockhardt Hospitals and Dr. Mazda Turel for managing his case so brilliantly and giving him a quality life ahead.“Life Wins again at Wockhardt Hospitals, India! Truly, he says”