18-year-old Mustafa Hameed from Sudan presented to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India with symptoms of headache and vomiting. All signs of raised intracranial pressure in the brain.

In August patient had undergone a neurosurgical procedure called a ventricular peritoneal shunt to reduce the intracranial pressure and was referred to Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai India for further management. Under the care of Dr Mazda Turel – an experienced neurosurgeon, a moderate size pineal gland mass on MRI brain and spine imaging was seen. This evidence, according to Dr Turel was a tumour which was showing apparent metastasis in the spinal region. Surgery was the best line of treatment. With the removal of tumour, a biopsy would confirm the diagnosis and further management such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy for the patient. The tumour was pressing on a cerebral vein and reached the tectal plate.

Dr. Turel performed a procedure called a Suboccipital craniotomy with a supra-cerebellar infratentorial approach. Partial removal of the tumour was carried out and tissue was sent for biopsy.

The surgery was successful and without any postoperative complications. The patient’s symptoms disappeared and he was feeling well again. The patient was given physiotherapy and carried out his normal routines. The patient was discharged and would be advised further treatment on biopsy findings.

Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India is the world-class hospital to have accomplished in treating complicated neurosurgery cases for many international patients from Sudan and other parts of Africa. Wockhardt Hospitals has performed successful minimal invasive spinal surgeries for the removal of tumours and spinal disorders. The hospital has a top-class team of neurosurgeons with latest clinical acumen in the speciality and vast experience. The hospital is supported by the latest cutting-edge technology for neurosurgery procedures and backed with dedicated nursing staff to monitor the patient for post operative care. Even in these unprecedented times, the hospital has treated patients for all types of surgeries and has taken all the necessary infection and safety precautions to keep patients safe. At Wockhardt hospitals, we ensure that Life Wins…..