Amanda a 25-year-old from Zimbabwe loved to read books but due to a growing tumour for a few years, she was deprived of her favourite hobby. Amanda was admitted to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India for a brain tumour called a Meningioma. Amanda suffered from severe migraines, visual disturbances, aura and loss of appetite. She felt a sense of hopelessness and despair. It was as if the world had to come to an end for Amanda. Her education suffered and she felt this intense sense that there would be no solution. Amanda felt that she would never be able to enjoy and lead a normal life like any other young women of her age.

Taking matters into her own hands Amanda set off to find an answer to her medical problem. Her family and she enquired with many hospitals in Africa and other places. But the medical expenditure that they would incur for the treatment was alarming and exorbitant for her family to bear.  Finally, after a lot of research, she was guided by her friends to look at India as an option. She contacted the international cell at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India, and thus began her road to recovery.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai India Amanda was placed under the treatment and care of Dr Mazda Turel a renowned neurosurgeon. She describes Dr Turel as not only having vast medical expertise in the field of neurosurgery but as being one of the most compassionate doctors supporting her throughout the stay at the hospital. Amanda underwent a craniotomy surgery with excision of the tumour at the Hospital. Dr Turel had advised that this was the best line of treatment for Amanda considering her age and the size of the tumour being quiet large approximately 5.6 cms. According to the ct scans the tumour was pressing on vital structures in the brain like the visual cortex and major sinuses which was causing the various symptoms associated with the tumour. After the surgery patient was on a normal diet and was walking around within a few hours. Amanda felt the vast difference in her health status and was recovering well.

Amanda now wishes to pursue her education and now that she has regained her life back after the surgery she has decided to take the opportunity and strive ahead. Amanda is grateful to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai for giving her life back and the confidence for a new beginning.