A 61-year-old patient from Oman presented with pain in the neck radiating to the radial part of his left arm. The patient also had a difficulty in walking and holding objects and decreased sensation in the left arm for 2 weeks. He also developed the urgency of urination. In the last two months, the patient was not able to walk without support even for a few steps. The patient’s condition was deteriorating and would probably not able to walk again due to paralysis and weakening of limbs.

The patient was admitted under the clinical guidance of Dr. Mazda Turel neurosurgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai. After medically evaluating the patient Dr. Mazda diagnosed the patient with severe myelopathy due to the prolapsed cervical vertebrae (C5 AND C6 vertebrae). MRI investigation also revealed the same and spine showed signs of decompression. This was the cause of the severe neurological changes primarily the loss of sensation to all 4 limbs known as spastic quadriparesis which was affecting gait as well.

Dr. Mazda Turel performed a cervical discectomy of the anterior cervical spine and fusion. After the surgery patient showed remarkable improvement he regained his grip in the hand and power in all 4 limbs. The patient was grateful to Dr. Turel for his treatment and for giving him a quality life ahead.