Do you hit the sack immediately after your dinner? Failing to follow your proper dinner timings? Are you into midnight snacking? Then, you are doing it all wrong! The formula to stay fit and fine is to swear by a proper schedule and enhance the quality of life. Here, we list out a few dos and don’ts, keep reading!

Delaying Dinner

One of the most important things you need to follow is that you need to eat dinner on time. Studies suggest that people who delay their dinner are more likely to gain weight due to post-dinner cravings and bingeing. Thus, early dinner helps you maintain a healthy weight. Having late dinner and sleeping immediately also leads to weight loss.

What You Eat For Dinner Matters

It is important to eat a healthy meal for dinner rather than having fancy or junk food (It is observed that most of the people have fancy meals like pav bhaji, franky, sev puri, pani puri, sandwich, pizza, etc for dinner.) These dishes do not have the right nutrients which lead to nutrient deficiencies, which leads to post-dinner cravings. The meal should comprise a good combination of protein, fats, and fibre. This keeps an individual satiated and prevents post-dinner cravings. One’s metabolism is usually lower in the evening as compared to the day time. Hence, a low carbs, high proteins, high fiber, and moderate fats are recommended to maintain weight. This also helps in good bowel movement and maintains overall health.

Lying Down Or Sleeping Immediately After Dinner

This can cause weight gain and also acid reflux in many people. (One of the major reasons for acidity, bloating, and reflux disease.) This is observed in a lot of people these days. Hence, early dinner is recommended (at least two hours before you sleep/lie down). Some activity is recommended post-dinner (like strolling/walking for 15 minutes).

Not Drinking Enough Water

Drink enough water throughout the day. Two to three litres of water are recommended throughout the day. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages or sugary drinks with dinner which will add up to the daily calories and lead to weight gain.

Post-Dinner Snacking

Not eating healthy dinner and nutrient deficiency leads to post-dinner snacking/craving. Snacking on the wrong food causes weight gain. One should have healthy snacks in such cases. Healthy options like salads, fresh fruits, hummus with homemade crackers, nuts, and seeds are good options. Do not store unhealthy/junk food like chips, chocolates, frozen food, or packaged food at home to avoid consumption.

Eat Healthy Food Throughout The Day

Eating fewer calories in day time leads to cravings and binge eating. Hence, it is advised to eat a healthy and balanced meal throughout the day helps to prevent post-dinner cravings. Do not starve through the day. Instead of starving yourself, have a small, healthy meal/snack. Have a cup of green tea/green coffee, a fruit or a small bowl of fruit salad, or coconut water or soup or buttermilk. This will prevent you from feeling extremely hungry at night.

Eat Dinner Without Distraction

It is advised to have dinner in a peaceful environment, without any distractions, no phone, and television. Eating peacefully and with the family will help you enjoy your meal and avoid any kind of snacking later.

Sleep On Time

Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain. When you sleep, your body recharges and rejuvenates the muscles, bones, and brain. Going to bed within 2-3 hours of having your dinner will prevent you from binging on junk food. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain or decrease the weight loss process, if one is on a diet. This also leads to nutrient deficiencies as the absorption is affected.

They say ‘health is wealth,’ true that! Staying fit and fine will require effort. You will have to exercise, eat the right kind of food, and follow a proper sleep schedule. This will help you add years to your life. Hence, it is the need of the hour to embrace a healthy lifestyle and stay in top shape. Know what you must do to stay healthy.