A 56-year-old patient from Tanzania was admitted to Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai – India with an onset of sudden giddiness on waking up in the morning, 4 weeks back. This episode lasted for about ten minutes where she could not move, stand, or sit. She was anxious and extremely concerned about the cause of this sudden development. She then started experiencing unsteadiness on and off and decided to get evaluated for her condition. The patient otherwise was in good health and did not have any comorbidities.

Dr. Mazda Turel, Brain & Spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, was monitoring the patient and advised a brain angiogram. The investigation detected a brain aneurysm around the cerebral arteries. According to Dr. Turel, this was further needed to be investigated and Dr. Turel then advised for a CT scan. The CT scan revealed a large aneurysm occluding the right internal cerebral artery which is part of the main important blood vessels in the circle of Willis, supplying the brain. The diameters of the aneurysm measured around 7.2 mm X 8.5 mm X5.7 CM. The neck of the aneurysm was also large 4.5 mm.

Looking at the patient, the severity of the progressing symptoms, and the size of the aneurysm, Dr. Turel discussed with the patient the various options for neurosurgery one being an endovascular coiling procedure and the other an endovascular clipping procedure. Dr. Mazda Turel explained the surgeries in detail as well as the benefits, risks, and post-operative care of each. The patient decided to undergo endovascular clipping surgery.

Dr. Mazda Turel performed an endovascular clipping of the right intracerebral artery through a pterionial craniotomy route. The surgery was uneventful. For the post-operative care, the patient was monitored in intensive care, where she was monitored for a smooth recovery. Her symptoms seemed to have diminished completely and she was making exceptionally good progress. The patient was discharged on the tenth day and was feeling confident and in happier spirits back to her home in Tanzania.

The patient was thankful to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai services, and also for the advanced neurosurgery treatment she received under the brilliant medical expertise of Dr. Mazda Turel. For any medical assistance, write to us at treatment@wockhardthospitals.com