A 36-year-old patient from Botswana presented to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India with a history of pain in the neck radiating to the scapula, shoulder, and right arm as well as his index to the little finger. The pain was accompanied by tingling numbness. The patient had these symptoms for 4 years. In Botswana patients had taken various modalities of treatments including acupuncture, strapping needling, physiotherapy, and sessions at a chiropractor. These treatments only brought temporary relief followed by exasperated episodes of pain.

Pain hampered his daily life. He was not able to go for long runs, swim, and play squash. It started also hampering his fine motor skills. He was unable to hold a pen in a grip, sign, hold a spoon, and even use his mouse on the computer. The patient was concerned as there did not seem to be any solution to stop the pain and there was no improvement.

Gradually the pain spread to his head and left shoulder. He has also developed urinary hesitancy.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India under the clinical guidance of top neurosurgeon Dr. Mazda Turel an MRI and CT scan of the spine was done. It revealed that there was degeneration (disc bulging) of the cervical vertebrae c4-c6, in the spine and narrowing of discs space and ossification.

Surgery was the best line of treatment to alleviate the symptoms of the patient so as to reduce the pain and give a quality life to the patient once again.

A neurosurgery procedure called anterior cervical discectomy (C3-C6) with fusion was carried out, implants, and decompression. This was to give adequate support to the cervical spine and increased the height of the disc space optimally.

After the surgery patient experienced a marked relief in his pain and motor skills. He was able to hold the pen again. Urinary complaints diminished. The patient was given a cervical collar and physiotherapy regimen that he would have to follow.

At the time of discharge, the patient was feeling confident and had regained his power in his right limb, and was pain-free. Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India is the world-class hospital to have accomplished in treating complicated neurosurgery cases for many international patients from Botswana and other parts of Africa. This chain of hospitals has a top-class team of neurosurgeons with the latest clinical acumen in the specialty and vast experience. The hospital is supported with the latest cutting-edge technology for neurosurgery procedures and backed with dedicated nursing staff to monitor the patient for post-operative care. Even in these unprecedented times the hospital has treated patients for all types of surgeries and has taken all the necessary infection and safety precautions to keep patients safe. At Wockhardt Hospitals we ensure that Life Wins…..