A 36-year-old patient from Zambia, the suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms primarily pain in the abdomen, nausea, and vomiting for the past year. He was concerned as regular treatment with his physician was not improving his condition and he started developing weakness and general sickness.

At Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai, India, Dr. Mehdi Kazeuroni (General & Laparoscopic Surgeon) & Dr. Ruchit Patel (Gastroenterologist) advised CT imaging of abdomen and pelvis with contrast. The investigation revealed gastric volvulus in the past predisposing to malrotation but there was no evidence of intestinal obstruction. Doctors diagnosed patients’ condition as pancreatic divisum. Further to this both upper gastroscopy and colonoscopy were carried out which did not reveal any anomaly except for a distended gallbladder. Following this, an MRCP was carried out which confirmed the diagnosis. MRCP is the best noninvasive modality for delineating divisum

The pancreas is an organ in your body located behind your stomach and small intestine. One of its functions is to make enzymes that aid in the digestion of food in your intestines. Pancreas divisum is the most common anomaly of the pancreas that is present from birth. A very small group of people with the condition do develop symptoms, and these can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain sudden (acute), or long-term (chronic) pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas.

Doctors decided to perform an ERCP with stenting and sphincterotomy to correct and open the pancreatic divisum. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a technique that combines the use of endoscopy and fluoroscopy to diagnose and treat certain problems of the biliary or pancreatic ductal systems. It is primarily performed by highly skilled and specially trained gastroenterologists. The patient recovered well and gastric symptoms were reduced. The patient was discharged and recovered well. This case was successfully treated due to accurate diagnosis both by advanced imaging techniques and clinical expertise of gastroenterologist & gastro surgeon in ascertaining an accurate diagnosis for further management of the patient. Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai – India is one of the leading tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals in Western India. It has a dedicated international cells to cater to all their needs. For any further information, contact international cell on +91 91360 91380