Paediatric Cardiac Surgery for treating Congenital Heart Defects in Children:

Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) are a group of birth defects of the heart that affect millions of new-born infants and children worldwide; some are a reason for mortality amongst many children Eight of every 1000 children born alive (0.8%) will have some form of congenital heart defect. CHD is the most common congenital problem in children accounting for nearly 25% of all congenital malformations All of the causes for congenital heart defects are still not known. It is a common misconception that the parents are responsible for causing the malformation of their children’s hearts. Certain illnesses, medication conditions and drugs can increase the risk of a child developing a heart defect but commonly the reason is still unknown.  Early recognition of such diseases is of immense importance as clinical presentation and deterioration can lead to sudden collapse.  Incidence and prevalence of CHD vary worldwide. On this special day, February 14th, a concerted global effort is being made to increase the awareness of this these defects.

Paediatric cardiac surgery in children are indicated to repair heart defects a child is born with CHD (congenital heart defects) and heart diseases a child gets after birth. Cardiac defects are grossly divided into acyanotic and cyanotic heart diseases, former being more common. Paediatric cardiac surgery is needed for the child’s wellbeing is carried out by highly specialised and reputed paediatric cardiac surgeons of Wockhardt Hospital. There are many kinds of heart defects ranging from minor to serious. Defects corrected in Paediatric cardiac surgery can occur inside the heart or in the large blood vessels outside the heart. Some heart defects may need Paediatric cardiac surgery right after the baby is born and for few defects the surgery can wait.  Certain heart defects may not need repair as they can heal as the baby grows and are followed by our team of Paediatric heart surgeons.

On this occasion we would like to share with you to heartfelt stories and the immense steps taken by the Paediatric Cardiac Care Unit at New Age Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai in saving lives and reinforcing their philosophy of Wockhardt Hospital, life wins always.

Case 1

An anxious mother bought her 23 day old baby named Maria to Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai. Baby Maria was in a bad shape and was breathless. Patient was not affording the medical treatment as well. Dr Suresh Joshi, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon at the hospital on examination revealed that the baby had cyanotic congenital heart condition of the heart and could have a diminished rate of survival, if immediate open heart surgery was not carried out.  The surgery according to the doctors’ clinical expertise was that it would be a complex 3 stage series of surgical interventions. The condition of the case demanded immediate correction as deoxygenated blood was bypassing the lungs and entering the systematic circulation causing breathless and discomfort to the baby. Such a condition could be fatal damaging the vital organs.

After long hours and series of cardiac surgeries carried out paediatric surgeons at Wockhardt Hospital South Mumbai baby Maria survived and the case was successful. After many days her mother smiled and could be hopeful now that her baby would be with her happy and well. She was grateful to the doctors at Wockhardt Hospital for their clinical acumen, vigilant care and compassion.

Case 2

When Baby Soham was born, he was a bundle of the joy his parents were waiting for. Like any parents concern his birth was low but was stable, after a while he started losing weight automatically. The child had become breathless and lost almost 25% of his body weight. The parents became anxious and were concerned about their well-being of their child. They visited Wockhardt hospital, South Mumbai to understand what was going wrong with their child and were worried that baby’s health. On medical examination by paediatric cardiologist, it was revealed that he was suffering from Cor Triatrium (5 CHAMBERED HEART) and had single coronary heart artery for supplying oxygen. It was decided that the baby required surgical intervention to correct this congenital heart defect.

At the New Age Wockhardt Congenital and Paediatric Heart care unit paediatric surgeons, intensivists, nurses and supportive care stuff performed a complex paediatric cardiac surgery to save Baby Soham and give him a second chance of survival. The operation lasted four hours and chest was left open after the surgery. The baby was then shifted to the PICU which is an intensive care unit specially equipped to handle cases which need utmost care and 24*7 management of critically ill children. Baby Soham was further managed here efficiently. A special cubicle was converted into a mini operation theatre during his admission and child’s chest was closed. His post-operative care was done with complete vigilance. Baby Soham surgery was successful and the medical fraternity at Wockhardt Hospital saved his life. The parents were grateful to the team at the hospital for giving their baby a second chance of having a happy childhood.  

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