Dora Okosodo

Dora Okosodo (Niger)

Son of Dora Okosodo from Nigeria, talks about the successful surgery his mother underwent at Wockhardt Hospitals, India.Dora Okosodo with her son, travelled all the way from Nigeria to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai for her spine surgery. Ms. Dora was on wheel chair and was unable to move since 2007. Her son talks about the excellent care that his mother has received under Dr. Ajay Bajaj, Neuro-spine Surgeon, and his team. Her legs regained enough strength now and she was successfully able to walk.

Miriam Ndlovu

Miriam Ndlovu (Zimbabwe)

Miriam Ndlovu from Zimbabwe, travelled all the way to Wockhardt Hospitals, North Mumbai for the Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery. Miriam talks about the excellent care she received under Dr. Niraj Kasat, Joint Replacement Surgeon, and his team. She can now walk with her knees much stronger than before and enjoying with her family

Dr. Tazin Shah

Dr. Tazin Shah (Bangladesh)

Dr. Tazin Shah, a doctor from Bangladesh was suffering from obesity. Obesity led to various comorbidities like diabetes & blood pressure and her overall lifestyle was compromised. She then travelled to India to undergo Bariatric Surgery under the guidance of Dr. Ramen Goel, Director of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals. After the surgery, she is now happy to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Mr. Kenneth

Mr. Kenneth (Zimbabwe)

Sphindiwe S. Twala from Zimbabwe talks about her husband's illness and about the treatment he received at Wockhardt Hospitals. The patient was suffering from Mitral Valve Disease. Under the guidance and care of Dr. Zainulabedin Hamdulay, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and his team, Mr. Kenneth underwent a surgery and is now health and healing!

Jiana Banda

Jiana Banda (Zambia)

Jiana Banda from Zambia, travelled all the way to Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai for the treatment of Liver Hemangioma. Jiana talks about the excellent care she received under Dr. Rajeev Joshi, Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Surgeon, and his team. Jiana's surgery was successful and she flew back to her country within 10 days of her surgery.

Awadh Saad Mbarak

Awadh Saad Mbarak (Tanzania)

Awadh Saad Mbarak from Tanzania came to Wockhardt Hospital with a pain in the left side of the chest which persisted for 4-5 years. After conducting a certain amount of tests it was discovered that there was a very big tumour attached to the chest wall of the patient called elastofibroma dorsi. The patient after undergoing a treatment with Dr. Ajay Bajaj, Neuro-Spine Surgeon, is now recovering and healthy!

Mercy Gambiza

Mercy Gambiza (Zimbabwe)

Mercy Gambiza is an 8 year old girl who travelled all the way from Zimbabwe with her mother to Wockhardt Hospitals to be treated for Ureteric Implantation.

Micheilla Mutetiwa

Micheilla Mutetiwa (Zimbabwe)

Micheilla Mutetiwa, a 3 year old girl from Zimbabve was suffering from heart failure. To treat this disorder she and her mother flew all the way to The New Age Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai. Micheilla was treated under the excellent guidance of Dr. Suresh Joshi and his team. Willie Mutetiwa, Micheilla's mother goes on to talk about the top-notch treatment and the world class service they received at Wockhardt